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This Week: Universal Fee Goes Live on First Wave of Ethereum-chain Pools

Also: Vesper Earn “Metapool” Proposal Passes, Track Vesper Assets on ApeBoard

Universal Fee Structure Hits First Set of ETH Pools

Our first cohort of ETH pools: vaALUSD, vaDPI, vaAPE, vaMUSD, vaLINK, and vaFEI are now live under our new universal fee structure.

By way of review:

The Universal Fee will charge a 2% annual fee on the assets deposited (principal) at the time of rebalance. If this fee is greater than 50% of the interest earned, then the fee will only equate to 50% of the interest earned.

Users will always earn positive yield, from initial deposit, regardless of the performance of the pool. Protocols can easily and predictably route funds through Vesper to generate additional yield to participants. For partners, this single fee gives us the opportunity to build out the most powerful partner revenue-share program in the space.

Last week, we announced that this fee structure was live across all Vesper pools on the Avalanche network. We will continue to upgrade Ethereum pools in batches over the next several weeks until all Vesper pools have adopted the new fee structure.

Read more about the fee structure.

Track Your Vesper Portfolio on ApeBoard

Vespernauts, you can now track all of your Vesper activities across Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche chains using ApeBoard!

Learn more.

The Votes Are In: veFRAX on Saddle Finance

SDL holders voted almost unanimously in favor of a “Vesper Earn metapool” on Saddle Finance. This metapool will introduce a new Earn pool: Deposit FRAX, Earn Saddle D4pool LP (FRAX, FEI, LUSD, ALUSD).

This Earn deposit token will act as a “wrapped FRAX” and be traded against the Saddle D4pool. In practice, this enables a first-of-its-kind natively yield farming liquidity pool, as the “wrapped FRAX” earns d4pool tokens and permissionlessly deposits to LPers.

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Vespernauts Errin and Zane contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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