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This Week: Utilizing Vesper as Yield Middleware

Also: Vesper Q3 report released, catch Vesper on Joe Spaces

Earn Consistent Yield with Vesper-on-Arable

Arable Protocol, an Avalanche native synthetic farming protocol, has recently supported Vesper’s AVAX and USDC.n pools as collateral to mint arUSD. With arUSD, users can LP and stake through Arable to earn high APY on top of the underlying Vesper APY.

For more information, please see our official Twitter announcement below.

Vesper’s Q3-in-Review

Vesper shared insights on developments, collaborations, news, and more in the third calendar quarterly report. In this quarter alone, Vesper:

And much more! Read more in the Q3 report.

Stay Tuned: Vesper on Joe Spaces

On Tuesday, October 25, Vesper Strategy Lead Zane Huffman will participate in a Twitter Spaces session alongside Chainstack, Zoo Ecosystem, Float Capital, LODE, and Trader Joe. Details below.

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Vespernauts Errin and Zane contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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