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This Week: Vesper at Messari Mainnet

Also: Updates on the Vesper roadmap and FXS

Vesper Heads To Messari

Vesper Co-founder and CEO Jordan Kruger will be sharing the stage at Mainnet 2022 with leaders from Maple Finance, Goldfinch, and Element Finance on September 22nd. The topic for the panel is ‘The Future of Yields’. The scheduled time for this event is 11:55 AM (EDT).

If you are planning to attend, please do stop by and say hello!

Vesper Roadmap Updates

We’ve cleaned up the Vesper Roadmap to better reflect our categories of development and, additionally, represent prior pushes to production.

These updates include various build-outs per recent VIPs (such as the revenue share framework, VSP lockup system, VSP bonding) as well as our ongoing set of strategies in development (Stargate, Euler, Aave v3).

To view the full list of recent VIPs visit the Vesper Governance Forum.

Update on FXS Bribes

Vesper is continuing its weekly 1,000 VSP incentive to FXS voters through Pitch. Voters can earn VSP rewards when they vote for our Vesper FRAX pool to receive weekly FXS emissions.

Vesper users can earn double digit APY when they deposit FRAX to the Vesper FRAX pool, then stake that deposit on Convex.


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Vespernauts Michael, Errin, and Zane contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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