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This Week: Vesper Delivers Talk at the Avalanche Summit in Barcelona

Also: Updates to Vesper’s pool rewards program

All-things-DeFi in Barcelona

ICYMI: Vesper presented at the inaugural Avalanche Summit Barcelona!

The multi-day summit delivered exciting updates from Avalanche, a compelling lineup of speakers from across the DeFi ecosystem, and the opportunity to meet like-minded Web3 innovators.

Vesper Takes Center Stage

Co-founder Jordan Kruger delivered a keynote on the current state and future opportunities for DeFi. She also discussed the importance of synthetics in DeFi and the limitations of the offerings available today — stay tuned for more!

Catch some of the highlights below!

Conferences, Connections and Crypto

Beyond the keynote, much of Vesper’s time on-the-ground focused on building connections with leading protocols and operators within the DeFi ecosystem.

Conversations ranged from opportunities to forge mutually beneficial collaborations with fellow platforms — to opportunities to implement tooling to up-level Vesper’s current offerings.

When it comes to connections, Product Designer Nayat Cheikh said it best:

“Crypto conferences tend to have great positive energy in the air, lots of fresh innovative projects to know about and talks to learn from. Avalanche Summit was all of that and more — a perfectly organized conference down to the smallest detail where I’ve had the opportunity to meet teams that are doing great things.”

…and what’s a crypto conference without some rare IRL bonding across a highly distributed team?

From Left to Right: Nayat Cheikh (UI/UX Design), Andra Nicolau (Business Development), and Jordan Kruger (Co-founder, CEO)

Vesper on Avalanche

Keep a close eye on the Vesper Roadmap for the latest on Vesper-deployed pools on Avalanche! In the meantime, take a look at the current pools available on Avalanche (in beta).

Vesper Pool Rewards Update

SushiSwap LP users are now included in a monthly rewards program. VSP rewards are available on Pure Finance. Id Claim: 54.

Reward refills are underway. An increasing number of reward destinations has added latency to this process. Vesper’s engineers are working to automate this process going forward. For this month, expect rewards for pools to continue no later than Monday morning.

Pool rewards for this month are distributed as follows:

12,500 VSP for top-performing pools:

  1. vaFRAX — 2,500 VSP
  2. vaDAI — 2,000 VSP
  3. vaETH — 2,000 VSP
  4. vaETH-DA0–1,200 VSP
  5. vUSDC — 1,200 VSP
  6. vaWBTC — 1,200 VSP
  7. vaLINK — 1,200 VSP
  8. veWBTC-DAI — 1,200 VSP

8,000 VSP for new pools and partners:

  • FRAX Bribes — 1,500 VSP
  • vaMUSD — 1,200 VSP
  • vaUSDC — 1,200 VSP
  • veLINK-DAI — 800 VSP
  • veDAI-ETH — 500 VSP
  • veDAI-WBTC — 500 VSP
  • veDAI-DPI — 500 VSP
  • veDAI-LINK — 500 VSP
  • vaFEI — 500 VSP
  • vaALUSD — 400 VSP
  • vaDPI — 400 VSP

1,750 VSP for non-Ethereum pools; 250 VSP for each Polygon pool.

This puts emissions at 22,250 out of 27,500 in the total budget, leaving 5,250 VSP.

From there, 2,500 VSP will be allocated for the next month of SushiSwap Onsen liquidity providers.

Have questions? Drop them in the Discord.


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Vespernauts Shazia and Errin contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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