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This Week: Vesper Deploys New Strategies

Also: Vesper Earn DAI/ETH Pool as Bear-Market Strategy, Additional Developer Resources Now Available, Fee Structure Upgrades Carry On

New Strategies, New Paths to Yield

Over the past several weeks, final auditing rounds came back for a powerful set of deposit-borrow strategies covering Aave, Compound, and major Compound forks on mainnet and Avalanche.

These strategies primarily enable non-stable pools on mainnet to receive better risk-adjust yield by borrowing other Vesper pool assets and routing through their corresponding pools. For example: Deposit ETH, borrow DAI, route DAI through vaDAI (where it is further routed according to vaDAI pool strategy).

Currently, we are deploying a set of strategies to vaETH and vaWBTC at low weights to test. We will additionally test new strategies on additional pools and increase maximum strategy weights as each strategy performs as expected.

Universal Fee Structure Hits Earn Pairs

The first batch of Vesper Earn pools has been upgraded to Vesper’s Universal Fee structure! Users can now generate yield in another asset from the one deposited, all for a 2% fee.

Upgraded pools include:

As noted in the tokenomics proposal:

This is an annual fee on the assets deposited (principal) at the time of rebalance. If this fee is greater than 50% of the yield earned, then the fee will only equate to 50% of the yield earned.

The remaining Earn pools will be upgraded next week, followed by Conservative Grow pools.

All Vesper pools on Avalanche as well as Aggressive Grow and Orbit pools on Ethereum mainnet have previously been upgraded to reflect the new fee structure.

Now Live: New Developer Documentation

The first draft of the developer guide has been published to the Vesper Gitbook. This first draft reflects information necessary for third-party protocols to leverage Vesper in their smart contracts or surface Vesper pools on their own front end. This will help custodians, wallets, interfaces, and other providers to better surface Vesper to their users.

The first publication is still a work in progress, and will ultimately include comprehensive information surrounding everything about Vesper and how developers can additionally build out their own strategies for Vesper pools.

Vesper Earn’s DAI-to-DPI Pool as a Bear Market Strategy

TheYoungCrews from IndexCoop highlighted one of the advantages of Vesper Earn for DeFi participants during a bear market:

We have an expanded article that covers this very topic, very close to the big green “Publish” button. Stay tuned.

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Vespernauts Zane and Errin contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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