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This Week: Vesper Earn Enters Beta, New Proposal to Whitelist DPI, and More

Also: New educational videos, user-onboarding insights, Bittrex Global AMA featuring Jordan Kruger & AMA with Vesper’s China ambassador

Vesper Earn Enters Beta

The first of several Vesper Earn pools has entered beta! Vesper Earn provides a “deposit [x], earn yield in [y]” user experience — “programmable yield.” This opens up a number of opportunities for how participants use their yield — from remittances, to daily income, to charitable donations.

The current pool available in beta enables users to deposit ETH and Earn DAI.

Leading up to the Q4 2021 launch, the next pools are anticipated to be:

  • Deposit WBTC, earn DAI
  • Deposit USDC, earn ETH
  • Deposit USDC, earn WBTC

During beta, the new Earn pools will be incentivized with 5,000 VSP each, using the same math as Vesper’s February 2021 launch (i.e., a user’s rewards are calculated based on the average pro rata contribution to the pool over the beta period).

In the event that the beta period extends beyond one month, the pools will be awarded +3,000 VSP per month. (To illustrate, 29 days in beta = 5,000 VSP, 31 days = 8,000 VSP.) There will be a 25% performance fee on the yield, but no deposit or withdrawal fees.

What would you like to use Vesper Earn for? Join the conversation on Discord’s #product-feedback channel to help drive the future of Vesper Earn!

DPI Whitelist VIP

Following the inclusion of VSP to the DeFi Pulse Index, the latter’s counterparts at Index Coop have drafted a Vesper Improvement Proposal to whitelist the DPI token for Vesper pools.

This would open the door for users looking to invest in the DPI market basket of DeFi tokens to compound yield without reducing exposure. It also introduces DPI as an Earn asset, perhaps as a “DCA into DeFi” style pool (i.e., deposit stablecoin, earn DPI).

Stay tuned for more information on the proposal and the upcoming vote.

Weekly AMA — Crypto Cindy

Vesper China ambassador, Cindy, took the hot seat for the ninth edition of Vesper’s weekly AMA series, answerings questions ranging from Chinese crypto regulation to her cuisine-of-choice. Check out the full conversation in the #ama channel on Discord.

A few highlights:

Q: What made you choose Vesper as an ambassador? Why are you interested in the project?

A: I participated in many Defi projects’ Dutch auctions on Balancer in the second half of 2020. And that’s when I started to provide liquidity and feel the charm of DeFi, also high fees… I also helped translate the Yearn website. And then earlier this year, a friend of mine who is a super fan of Sushi and Yearn recommended Vesper to me, saying it’s like an easier version of Yearn, and I must try it. Later when Vesper was looking for Chinese ambassadors, I applied for it. And then Mikey reached out to me for an interview, and we realized that we both worked for before. Haha, small world, crypto in particular.

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: Hot pot. I bet many people’s mouths are already watering on hearing it.

Q: What is the Chinese Vesper community talking about with respect to CBDCs and the issuance of such a coin from central banks? China seems to be ahead of others in the CBDC space.

A: China is indeed ahead of the CBDC space. Banks are using many incentives asking us to use it. For people in the crypto space, they are very unified about this one. “Don’t use coins issued by CBDC. It’s gonna track all data from you. No privacy at all. “

Vesper’s next AMA will take place Oct. 7 at 1:00pm ET.

Next week’s guest will be announced soon!

Bittrex Global AMA — Jordan Kruger

Co-founder Jordan Kruger joined Bittrex Global for an AMA on all things Vesper. During the discussion, Jordan provided a deeper look into Vesper’s vision and what sets the platform apart.

Couldn’t join? Check out the replay below.

Vesper Educational Video Series

This week marked the launch of Vesper’s educational video series, led by community manager Mikey and built by Vespernaut redfalcon.

The videos provide step by step guidance on topics ranging from engaging with Grow Pools and participating in DAO governance to becoming a liquidity provider on Uniswap.

Have an idea for a future video? Share it with a community admin in Discord.

Join Vesper at Money20/20

Vesper is co-sponsoring a track at Money20/20 in Las Vegas on Sunday, Oct. 24!

During the track, Vesper and thought leaders across the financial ecosystem will address the path to achieving a hybrid finance future — a future in which DeFi and TradFi coexist.

Learn more and sign up.

Insight of the Week — User Onboarding

Let’s take a look at how many new users have onboarded onto Vesper in Q3.

Vesper has launched many new products in Q3 including Vesper Earn in beta, Vesper Lend, aggressive DAI and ETH pools in beta, UNI and USDT pools in production and more.

The above chart illustrates the new addresses that have interacted with a Vesper product — on a daily level — since the start of Q3. These wallets never interacted with a Vesper product before. An increasing trend is noticeable, with more daily onboardings towards the end of the quarter.

The first week of September was especially successful, with two days of 120 onboardings per-day. It’s likely that new products, VSP’s addition to the DeFi Pulse Index, and Vesper’s presence at events like Digital Asset Summit sparked interest among the DeFi community.

On average, Vesper has been onboarding 24 new wallets per-day, and in total, has welcomed more than 2,110 new Vespernauts to the community since the beginning of July.

It will be exciting to see how these numbers play out with Vesper Earn in beta and other exciting product updates on the horizon.

Ambassador Highlights

Vesper’s goal is to make DeFi more accessible globally, and ambassadors play an important role in making that happen. Check out some recent content and placements from Vesper’s global ambassadors.


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Vespernauts Mikey, Michaelgmcquaid, Shazi_H, Rinnynp, Green Jeff, and Simon_defi contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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