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This Week: Vesper Earn Goes to Beta on Polygon

Also: Vesper featured by CoinMetro, DeFi Pulse, and the IndexCoop’s AMA series

[Ed. note: This will be the last edition of this weekly update for 2021. Crypto never sleeps but, alas, the contributors to this newsletter must. Looking forward to continuing to deliver the latest in Vesper news after the start of the year.]

Now In Beta: Vesper Earn on Polygon

Vesper Earn is expanding onto the Polygon network, less than a week after the full launch! Now in beta, users can deposit DAI and earn yield in either WETH or WBTC while benefiting from Polygon’s lower network fees.

This marks another step in Vesper’s vision for a multi-chain DeFi world. Vesper plans to expand to additional EVM chains and Layer-2 networks (e.g., Avalanche, Arbitrum, or Fantom) in the future.

You can follow this progress on the Vesper Roadmap page.

Vesper Joins Index Coop AMA

Vesper co-founder Jeff Garzik joined the Index Coop community for an AMA on all-things Vesper. The conversation covered topics ranging from the inspiration for creating Vesper to what’s ahead for the platform.

For those who couldn’t join, a recording will be available soon.

Vesper Earn in DeFi Pulse Farmer

The most recent edition of DeFi Pulse Farmer featured Vesper Earn!

From the newsletter:

Vesper Finance just introduced Vesper Season Two, and at the heart of that rollout is the launch of Vesper Earn on the main Vesper app.

Vesper Earn does DeFi in a new way, namely via programmable yield. In other words, users can deposit one crypto into this system, like ETH, and earn yield in another crypto, like DAI.

This is an unprecedented yield format, and it opens up interesting possibilities for farmers. For example, you can deposit DAI to buy DPI daily without having to sell your underlying holdings!

Check out the full write-up.

Dive Deeper into Vesper Earn

Vesper Earn launched last week with a first-of-its-kind capability in DeFi — deposit one asset, earn yield in another.

Here’s how it works:

For a more detailed look, a new technical article is now available.

Explore Vesper Earn first-hand in the Vesper app.

CoinMetro Features Vesper Finance

CoinMetro’s latest blog post gives an inside look into Vesper, the VSP token, and its vast potential.

Read the full article.

ICYMI: Co-founder Jordan Kruger joined CoinMetro CEO Kevin Murcko for an AMA in November. During the discussion, Jordan provided a deeper look into Vesper and what sets the platform apart.

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Vespernauts Shazi_H and Errinvf contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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