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This Week: Vesper Fee Upgrades Continue

Also: A brief roadmap review and update

Shifting Toward “Universal Fees”

Vesper’s Universal Fee roll-out continued, with additional pools upgraded this week:

What does this mean? From Vesper’s tokenomics proposal:

The Universal Fee will charge a 2% annual fee on the assets deposited (principal) at the time of rebalance. If this fee is greater than the interest earned, the fee will only equate to 50% of the interest earned. Users will always earn a positive yield, from the initial deposit, regardless of the performance of the pool.

The following Vesper pools on the Ethereum network have already been upgraded:

All Vesper pools on the Avalanche network have also been upgraded to the new Universal Fee.

Universal Fee is only one component of Vesper’s tokenomics overhaul.

Check out the full details of the overhaul.

Roadmap Updates

The first half of 2022 has included a number of releases, most recently:

  • Vesper Earn: Vesper launched new earn pairs on Ethereum, including DAI-PUNK and DAI-LMR.
  • Vesper Grow: Vesper Grow pools also launched on the Avalanche network, with supported assets including USDC, USDC.e, WBTC.e, WETH.e, DAI.e, QI, and AVAX.
  • Vesper Orbit: The first Orbit pool, FRAX, graduated from Vesper Orbit to the main app.
  • Integrations: Through a joint venture with Frax Finance, users can stake their vaFRAX deposit to earn additional $FXS boost. That opportunity has additionally been supported by Convex, boosting the users’ FXS earnings 2x. Other recent integrations include a Vesper Earn metapool for Saddle Finance and support on many DeFi dashboards such as DeFi Llama and Ape Board.

Of course, more is still to come. Looking ahead into the near future:

  • Escrowed VSP: The VSP revenue share overhaul, which introduces VSP lockups, is awaiting audit.
  • VSP Bonding: The final element of the tokenomics overhaul, which enables VSP bonds for Protocol Owned Liquidity and other treasury goals, is nearing completion of engineering.
  • Vesper Synth: Synth will enable users to deposit collateral to mint synthetic assets that track 1:1 with the real underlying asset. This lets users get exposure to assets that are not ETH native (like ADA, DOGE, BCH) as well as generally enables users to do-more with the assets they already own. Engineering for synth is under audit, and BizDev is engaging prospective partners to ensure a strong launch of the platform.

Take a look at the roadmap page for a full preview of what’s ahead.

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