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This Week: Vesper Grow Launches on BNB Chain

Also: Put your assets to work with Vesper-on-Alchemix, an expanded bounty program for white hat hackers

Now in Beta: Vesper on BNB Chain

Vesper Grow pools are now available (in beta) on BNB Chain! With Vesper Grow, BNB and BUSD holders can grow their holdings without active management. Each Vesper-deployed pool on BNB Chain contains its own unique set of strategies, enabling users to take advantage of DeFi’s leading yield sources.

Current pools available in beta are BNB and BUSD, with plans to launch additional pools in the future.

Earning rates are viewable on the Vesper Grow pool dashboard.

Learn more about Vesper on BNB Chain.

Head to to get started.

Vesper <> Alchemix: Self-Repaying Loans!

Alchemix recently launched its integration with Vesper. Vesper depositors in the vaUSDC, vaDAI, and vaETH pools can now deposit their position to Alchemix and receive an alUSD or alETH loan.

The yield earned through Vesper is utilized to automatically pay down the loan. New users can additionally deposit naked assets through Alchemix, which are automatically wrapped through Vesper.

Users can utilize this integration for a number of use cases: They can utilize the loan to trade, farm, or do-more on top of their Vesper activity. They can swap the loan and redeposit, enabling a looping yield experience. And of course, users can access their Alchemix loans more traditionally, to pay living expenses or otherwise pay down debts.

Learn how to use Vesper with Alchemix.

Immunefi Program Updates

Finally, Vesper’s Immunefi Bounty Program has had a major overhaul and now offers more comprehensive coverage to white-hat hackers who investigate bugs or issues inside the Vesper website, dApp, and smart contracts. Previously, this bounty program only included Vesper’s smart contracts.

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Vespernauts Michael, Errin, and Zane contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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