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This Week: Vesper Lands on Avalanche!

Also: Q1-in-Review, Vesper Grow Featured in Altcoin Buzz

Now Live: Vesper-on-Avalanche

It’s official: Vesper is available on Avalanche!

DeFi users can now passively earn yield on Avalanche with Vesper Grow. Deposit, sit back and earn yield on a number of assets, with the low fees and high speeds Avalanche is known for.

On top of standard rewards, an extra 50,000 VSP is allocated for the first two months these pools are live, broken out by 35,000 VSP in the first month and 15,000 VSP in the second.

Vesper’s toolkit includes several strategies to deliver users optimal yield. TLDR; Vesper takes what would be a time-consuming process and does all of the work for you.

Collaborating with top protocols — like BENQI — is a focus for Vesper. The result: The best of DeFi in one spot.

This is just the beginning of Vesper’s expansion on Avalanche. Keep an eye out for more.

Vesper’s Eventful Q1

Time flies in DeFi! Vesper shared insights on developments, collaborations, and more in the first quarterly report.

In this quarter alone, Vesper:

✅ Celebrated its one-year anniversary.

✅ Continued to expand options for earning and transforming yield in DeFi.

✅ Collaborated with Frax Finance and mStable on co-boosted Orbit pools.

Read the full Q1 report.

Find out what else is in store for Vesper’s 2022.

Spotlight in Altcoin Buzz

Altcoin Buzz highlighted Vesper Grow pools on Avalanche in a recent article.

From the article:

“Vesper Finance offers an easy way to earn passive income. Now available on Avalanche with various strategies…deposit your asset and sit back and relax. As easy-peasy as DeFi comes.”

Read more.

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Vespernauts Shazia and Errin contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.




Vesper is a platform for easy-to-use DeFi products.

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Vesper Finance

Vesper Finance

Vesper is a platform for easy-to-use DeFi products.

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