This Week: Vesper Orbit Prepares for Launch, VIP Results, and More

Also: Jordan Kruger AMA with CoinMetro, DeFi-ing Expectations Conference, Vesper Featured in CryptoBriefing

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Nov 19 · 4 min read

Vesper Orbit Launching Nov. 23

The Votes are In!

Vesper’s big voting week has wrapped up, with all six Vesper Improvement Proposals (VIPs) passing.

  • Operations and marketing: 25%
  • VSP rewards replenish: 10%
  • Partners: 5%
  • Strategy developer: 5%

Vesper Lend Beta Update

Great strides have been made in bringing Vesper Lend back to solvency following the Nov. 4 exploit.

Vesper featured in CryptoBriefing

Co-founder Jordan Kruger spoke with Stefan Stankovic for CryptoBriefing’s Project Spotlight series.

CoinMetro AMA…

Co-founder Jordan Kruger joined CoinMetro CEO Kevin Murcko for an AMA on all things Vesper. During the discussion, Jordan provided a deeper look into Vesper’s vision and what sets the platform apart.

…Followed by a Special Shout-out

During a next-day CoinMetro Twitter stream, CEO Kevin Murcko answered questions regarding collaboration opportunities between Vesper and CoinMetro.

DeFi-ing Expectations Conference Replay

The session touches on Vesper products and applications tailored to the unique needs of institutional investors, as well as highlights a few other exciting developments in DeFi.

Insight of the Week — Project-wide Voting Metrics

Holding regular votes and maintaining transparency will remain a key part of Vesper’s decentralization journey. Vesper has held votes on 12 VIPs since the project’s inception. Here’s a look at each topic and their exact metrics.

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