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This Week: Vesper x Lido stETH Yield Aggregator Enters Beta

Also: Earn additional rewards for holding FRAX with Pitch

Make Your ETH work Harder with Vesper and Lido

Vesper and Lido have collaborated on a staked ETH Grow pool (vastETH), providing users more opportunities to earn yield on top of holding the native Ethereum token. Lido’s stETH pool is a liquid token representative of staked ETH. When a user stakes their ETH with Lido, the user will be granted a stETH token. By depositing stETH to the corresponding Vesper Grow pool (now in beta), the total APY reflects the daily rebasing rewards plus additional yield earned. Learn more about staked ETH.

While this particular strategy has passed external audits, we do urge caution in using the pool until it graduates to the main platform. Our adventurous community members, however, are able to deposit stETH now if they wish to participate in the beta testing.

Make sure to follow Vesper to find out when stETH goes live on the main app.

Update for FRAX Holders

VSP Bribes have resumed at Pitch with 1,000 VSP for the current voting cycle. Those staking FXS can vote to direct future FXS emissions to the Vesper FRAX pool and earn VSP for doing so.

Pitch offers a “capital efficiency” parameter, which enables Vesper to offer VSP rewards that are refunded if the desired vote participation is not achieved. This translates to an effective way to multiply FXS emissions to protect high APY for depositors.

FRAX holders can deposit their FRAX to Vesper for auto-compounding FRAX yield. Then, users can take their deposit and stake through Convex to earn multiplied FXS yield on top.

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Vespernauts Michael, Errin, and Zane contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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