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This Week: View Pool Strategy Allocation on the Vesper App

Also: vETH Pool Upgrade, Catch Us at ETH Paris!

Strategy Weights Added to UI

A much-anticipated UI update went live this week on the Vesper App — users can now see the full strategy allocation for each individual pool. While the strategies we deploy have never been kept secret, the team is pleased to offer a quick overview for the end-user to view pool weightings.

Using the aggressive wBTC pool as an example below, we can see that based on today’s weightings 90% of deposits are in Maker and 7% are in Compound Leverage. There is a pool buffer of 3%, which consists of funds that are either not currently deployed or are waiting to be deployed.

Users can easily see this information for every pool on the Vesper app by clicking on the pool name and scrolling down on the screen to view its details. The strategy weights are updated in real-time.

Check it out for yourself.

Introducing: Vesper Bridge Strategy

As of this week, Vesper’s conservative ETH pool (vETH) has been updated to the latest strategy, Vesper Bridge.

What does this mean? Vesper-deployed funds are routed to our upgraded v5 pools, then through Compound where we auto-accumulate yield for you. No action is required by the end-user.

With over 20 strategies in use, Vesper pools enable your funds to interact with a number of protocols and perform a handful of different interactions that provide you with a seamless yield-generating experience.

Learn more about Vesper pool strategies.

And, Finally…

Heading to ETH Paris? Reach out to Vesper Strategy Lead, Zane Huffman, who will be there!

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Vespernauts Michael and Errin contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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