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This Week: VSP Added to DPI, Vesper Subgraph v1 Goes Live

Also: All things Vesper and DeFi with Hashoshi, an AMA with Zane Huffman, and… a Vesper Samurai? No. Even better.

VSP Listed on DeFi Pulse Index (DPI)

DeFi Pulse announced that VSP will be added to the DeFi Pulse Index in early September.

DPI is a tokenized market basket that encompasses 16 leading DeFi protocols. The index applies a target weight to each asset, which can be readjusted over time, with rebalance taking place monthly through open market buys/sells.

DeFi Pulse CEO Etienne Royole said:

“DeFi Pulse is dedicated to delivering the standard in aggregating and presenting the data that our nascent industry needs in order to grow, thrive, and meet its aspirations. The addition of Vesper Finance to our index reflects the role it continues to play in the DeFi ecosystem alongside the other leading protocols that we track.”

Vesper v1 Subgraph Live

The first Vesper Subgraph is live on The Graph network!

Subgraphs make it much easier for protocols to signal data from smart contracts and for aggregators to have a universal library of data endpoints to grab from.

The first iteration of the Vesper subgraph includes pool information that can, for example, be accessed by yield optimizers routing through Vesper and others or websites that catalogue and sort independent yield sources.

Weekly AMA — Zane Huffman

The fourth installment of Vesper’s Weekly AMA’s was with strategy lead, Zane Huffman.

Here are a few of the questions he answered:

Q: What got you into DeFi and what were your earliest DeFi experiences like?

A: Admittedly I was a little hesitant to the Ether-verse (was a bit of a btc maxi back in the day). I think the first defi or defi-adjacent “games” I played were the Proof-of-Weak-Hands ponzi games (early-mid 2018), but I still didn’t really understand the impact of DeFi until early 2020 (perhaps at the same time as many others here).

Q: When can we expect aggressive pools incoming?

A: vaDAI is in beta, vaETH is in alpha. Getting the first over-the-line is a matter of go-to-market strategy at this point. Ideally we hook up the non-stables with an aggressive maker-vaDAI strategy and can more or less copy/paste an aggressive version onto each of the non-stables.

Q: How will vesper compete with already established yield generating platforms like Compound and AAVE? What does/will vesper have that these platforms don’t, and why do you think retail and institutional investors will want to use Vesper over alternatives?

A: Think of Vesper like an umbrella layer on top of individual defi protocols. We route funds through the best opportunities available. I think retail investors can appreciate a hands-off approach to yield farming (plus VSP bulls can passively accumulate).

To see the full transcript, visit the #ama channel on Vesper’s Discord.

Mark your calendars for next week’s AMA on Thursday, September 2 at 1pm ET, to hear from Vesper smart contract engineers, Manoj Patidar and Kevin Beauregard.

All things Vesper & DeFi with Hashoshi

Co-founder Jeff Garzik spoke with crypto YouTuber, Hashoshi, to share updates on Vesper, preview what’s ahead for the platform, and provide perspective on the larger DeFi category.

Vesper Onstage

DAS 2021 — The Collision of DeFi & CeFi

Digital Asset Summit 2021 is now less than a month away!

At this year’s event, Co-founder Jordan Kruger will join fellow industry experts for a panel on the exciting opportunities that lie ahead for the convergence of DeFi and CeFi market structures.

Learn more and sign up.

Project Update at Messari Mainnet 2021

Co-founder Jordan Kruger will join Messari Mainnet in New York City next month to share an update on Vesper’s recent milestones and preview what’s ahead on the platform’s roadmap.

Stay tuned for additional details!

It’s Aggressive. It’s ETH. It’s…

…not actually a Vespernaut Samurai, but stay tuned next week.

Credit: 0xHolland

Insight of the Week

Last week, we took a glimpse at the revenue models of various DeFi protocols. Taking it a step further, below is an analysis of those protocols’ treasury composition. Data is from August 24.

Per the above, all protocols have up to 80% of their treasury in their own governance token.

Aave and Badger have millions in yield-generating assets, whereas Yearn has about 80% of its protocol funds in yield generating smart contracts.

Finally, we see some protocols diversifying their treasury by investing into ETH, BTC or stablecoins. The protocols that don’t diversify depend on the price volatility of their governance token.

These insights highlight the importance of the VIPs under discussion. Follow that discussion in the Discord #governance channel.


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Vespernauts michaelgmcquaid, Shazi_H, rinnynp, Simon_DeFi and Green Jeff contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.




Vesper is a platform for easy-to-use DeFi products.

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Vesper Finance

Vesper Finance

Vesper is a platform for easy-to-use DeFi products.

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