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This Week: VSP Listed On Bittrex Global, Earn Beta Coming Soon

Also: Vesper Featured on Bloomberg, AMA with Jeff Garzik, heading to Vegas for Money20/20, and more

“Wen CEX?”

VSP is now trading on Bittrex Global!

See the Medium announcement for full details. This closely follows last week’s Bitmart announcement.

Preparing for Takeoff — Vesper Earn Beta

Vesper Earn will be heading into beta in the coming weeks. Through “programmable yield,” Vesper Earn enables users to deposit one type of crypto and earn in another. It also opens up new crypto use-cases — from remittances, to passively investing in a charity or funding a startup.

All things HyFi with Bloomberg Quicktake

Co-founder Matthew Roszak joined Bloomberg Quicktake to discuss all crypto regulation, the future of hybrid finance (HyFi), and Vesper’s goal to make DeFi accessible to institutional investors.

Weekly AMA — Jeff Garzik

The 8th installment of Vesper’s weekly AMA series featured Vesper Co-founder Jeff Garzik and Vespernauts showed up in full force.

Catch the full transcript on the Vesper Discord.

A few additional highlights:

Q: What protocol is the biggest competitor to Vesper?

A: That’s a tough question. Even though we do yield aggregation, Vesper Grow is a meta yield aggregator because we tap into Yearn as well as Compound, Aave, CREAM, Rari, and Alpha Homora.

Vesper Earn — e.g. deposit ETH, earn a USDC drip — is an entirely new concept, which makes your crypto even more useful.

Maybe a competitor of Earn might be But then again… good karma says we should look at integrating inverse if possible rather than competing, so that we all win.

Vesper is your on-chain gateway into DeFi, a large umbrella, if you consider all of Grow, Earn, Stable (a fixed-rate-like pool), VUSD, and Lend.

And an instadapp-like Smart Wallet.

Q: Now that there is plenty of TVL on Arbitrum, and great DeFi projects are on it, wouldn’t the team prefer a more decentralized and future-proof Layer 2 such as Arbitrum over Polygon?

A: I think Arbitrum is a strong candidate for one of our next chains/L2s. What does the community think?

Q: In 2010 when you started working on Bitcoin, were you aware at the time that you were working on something that would have such a large impact on the world?

A: Yes, I was aware. I do not claim to be the smartest or quickest person in the world. My special skill does seem to be finding amazing, long lasting, world changing technologies years before everyone else. The Internet (1980s), Linux (early 1990s), Bitcoin (2010) and now DeFi….

It was clear from Day 1 that bitcoin would either be (a) killed by some government or (b) change the world.

Enjoy this recap? Vesper will be hosting another AMA next Thursday, Sept. 30th at 1:00pm ET.

More details to come.

Live On Stage

Messari Mainnet

This week, Vesper Co-founder Jordan Kruger hit the Messari’s Mainnet stage in NYC!

During the session, Jordan shared an update on Vesper Earn:

She also provided a preview of Vesper’s soon-to-be-launched new UI.

Missed the session? Keep an eye on Vesper’s Twitter for the UI preview.


Vesper is sponsoring a track at Money20/20 on Oct. 24!

The track will include a number of sessions addressing the challenges, opportunities and predictions for the future of hybrid finance (“HyFi”). Additional details coming soon.

Learn more and register to attend.

Insight of the Week: VSP holders, vVSP supply at all-time highs

The number of VSP holders has reached all-time-high levels, sitting at approximately 6,200 holders as of this writing.

Vesper started Q3 with 5,410 holders, meaning that the amount of VSP holders has increased by 15% since July. This is a great dynamic — the more distributed VSP is among users, the smoother our transition towards a true decentralized protocol.

Also, the vVSP supply has been increasing since the inception of Vesper, currently sitting at a supply of 2.4 million vVSP. At the start of Q3, there was 2.05 million vVSP in circulation, indicating an increase of about 17% over this quarter.

These data show that as more VSP enters circulation, it gets distributed among a greater number of people and Vespernauts are actively using their VSP to participate in the Vesper revenue model.

Last but not least, 3.54 million VSP is locked into the vVSP pool. With a circulating supply of 5.15 million VSP, 69% of all VSP in circulation sits in Vesper’s vVSP pool.


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Vespernauts Mikey, Michaelgmcquaid, Shazi_h, Rinnynp, Green Jeff, and Simon_defi contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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