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This Week: Yield-bearing AMM Emissions Go Live

Also: Vesper on Trader Joe Spaces, AMA highlights

Saddle Finance Emissions Now Available

Our innovative “Yield bearing AMM” — an experiment in composability across Vesper, Frax, and Saddle — is now active in Saddle emissions and earning SDL boost.

Vesper users who take advantage of this strategy earn triple rewards in FRAX yield + trading fees + SDL emissions. VSP boost will come soon too!

Vesper Featured on Trader Joe Spaces

Zane Huffman, Vesper Strategy Lead, made a guest appearance on the latest Twitter spaces with the Trader Joe team. The conversation covered a broad range of topics and featured speakers from across the Avalanche ecosystem.

Zane gave a broad overview of the Vesper platform, the revenue sharing program for projects looking to integrate with the Vesper app, and Vesper’s mission of being a ‘universal DeFi middleware yield engine’.

Missed out? We’ve got you covered. A recording of the conversation is available on Twitter.

Vesper x Arable AMA Highlights

Arable Protocol’s Arien Weaver and Vesper’s Zane Huffman gave the inside scoop on Arable and Vesper’s collaboration during this week’s AMA.

ICYMI — Arable integrated Vesper’s AVAX and USDC.n Grow pools as collateral assets on their platform. Users have the potential to earn triple the rewards when they use these pools as collateral. Here’s how:

  1. Deposit your position on Arable.
  2. Borrow synthetic arUSD.
  3. Earn additional APY paid out in arUSD minter rewards and arUSD liquidity mining rewards.

If the highlights below pique your interest, check out the recording on Twitter.

Zane: “Why did you guys choose Vesper over other integrations?”

Arien: “There’s something unique with Vesper. There’s such an ease to your user experience and entire UI. It’s something that needs to be more popularized to make adoption way easier. When we look into projects, we ask, “Is there an integration that makes sense? More importantly, is there some sense of alliance there?”

Zane: “In building Arable up as this vision of a synthetic DeFi ecosystem, what types of projects did you guys take inspiration from or what mistakes did other projects make that you guys are being cautious not to replicate?”

Arien: “We noticed that there’s a lot of synthetic clones where everybody’s offering a derivative of gold or Tesla stock. But what nobody seemed to be offering at the time, that we could see, was crypto assets. Synthetic crypto assets. The vision for Arable was to be able to yield farm across chains very easily without any extra fees or time management.”

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Vespernauts Michael, Errin, and Zane contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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