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Vesper: A Launch Primer

[Ed. note 2021–02–16: Post has been updated to include information on the Sushiswap and Uniswap campaigns, the genuine VSP token address, and more.]

The Vesper beta ends and the VSP token on February 17. If you’ve been with us since the beginning, this post has everything in one place. If you’re just now joining us, here’s what you need to get up to speed. We will be updating this post up through launch.

Review of the Beta To-Date

Vesper Co-founder Jeff Garzik gave in the most recent community call. Here’s an excerpt:


Last week, the team published a comprehensive overview of . You can also hear Co-founder Matthew Roszak deliver additional context in :

Revenue Model

The Vesper team built a revenue model that centers the economic activity around the community.

You can as well as get further detail in the Gitbook. Again, here’s the :

Strategic Partners

The Vesper team .

This group included , , , , , , , and .

Additionally, renowned individual crypto investors and builders joined the strategic partner round: (Compound), (Messari), (CoinShares), (Tokens), (CNBC), and (PVQM).

Finally, of and of are Vesper advisors.

Matthew Roszak discusses this group and their contribution to the Vesper mission in :


The crew at DeFi Pulse wrote up and throughout the week.

The “Inside Vesper” series highlights the innovations that make Vesper truly unique. Check out the articles on Vesper’s and approaches to strategy-building, as well as one of the most exciting products on the Vesper roadmap,

Community Contributions

Our community members (who have taken to calling themselves “Vespernauts”) have made incredible contributions in the last few weeks in terms of content, community management, and more.

Highlights include that surfaces details on the first three Vesper Grow pools, and that shows how simple Vesper is to use.

VSP Token Address

Do not fall for scammers! The genuine token address for VSP is:

[Disclaimer: If there is some problem before the February 17 launch day, the team may be forced to redeploy, which would mean creating a different contract address. This is unlikely, but not impossible.]

LP Campaigns

The day before launch, we announced our Day One LP campaigns.


From :

The Vesper team has been collaborating with SushiSwap to navigate the main launch and ongoing liquidity campaign.

To signal our partnership with SushiSwap, the Vesper project is providing a majority of initial LP liquidity, and on-going liquidity mining rewards, to SushiSwap LPs.


After VSP-ETH trading began on Sushiswap, the Vesper team set up another .


Want more detail? .


Most of the community interaction takes place on , but you can also find Vesper on , , and (because why not?) . Where available, be sure to read the pinned posts. You can also track us on and .



Vesper is a platform for easy-to-use DeFi products.

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