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Vesper — A Week in Review, One Month In

Last week (on March 17, to be precise) the Vesper community celebrated its first month. Week over week, the number of unique vVSP holders increased by 11.5%, along with vETH (5.9%), vWBTC (7.5%), and vUSDC (11.5%).

The Total Value Locked across pools ended at an all time high above $750 million before breaking another record over the weekend. (But allow the team to save something for next week, shall we?)

News and Updates

Two important updates went out last week.

CREAM: Get Out the Vote!

First and most importantly, we are calling on the community to help get Vesper on CREAM Finance.

On April 22, we will be submitting a proposal to CREAM Finance for the consideration of VSP and vVSP as supported assets on their lending platform. Voting weight is polled based on a wallet’s CREAM balance in the 28 days leading up to the vote.

The Vesper community can maximize its collective voting power by holding CREAM (or crCREAM) tokens in their voting wallets for 28 days prior to the vote.

LP Rewards and More

Next, we gave an update on LP rewards (on Uniswap, Sushiswap, 1inch, and Loopring) as well as VSP emissions for the Vesper Grow pools.

Around the Community

Integrating Vesper in Other DeFi Protocols

Community member Ryan Miller developed an experimental USDC strategy for earning and auto-compounding rewards on This is a demonstration of how Vesper might integrate within the broader DeFi ecosystem. Note that this strategy incorporates Vesper but was built outside of the Vesper team — it is still very much in testing so please be careful if you participate. Check out his announcement or view the strategy.

Vesper in 15 Seconds

Jake Goss posted no fewer than six Tik Toks featuring Vesper’s ecosystem and the VSP token. His rapid-fire videos show you how to get started at and how to use some of the LP’s where Vesper is currently available.

Here’s a team favorite — Vesper in 15 seconds:

Vesper Reviews

Referencing a report from Tokenmetrics, K Crypto mentions Vesper as one of his top 5 projects to watch:

Bitcoin Builder explained why Vesper is reducing the steps and friction for newer crypto users to get started in DeFi.

…to make #DeFi a simpler and more professionalized environment so that more people can more easily take advantage of what DeFi has to offer.”

Preview of Vesper Earn

Many community members are curious about the upcoming Vesper Earn; that is a “deposit X Crypto and earn Y Crypto” product. Here, Jeff Garzik talks about the pool strategy and how it could innovate startup funding and charitable donations.

There is a playlist for these AMA highlights as well.

Odds and Ends

It’s perhaps deserving of further analysis, but there’s strong reason to believe that a lot of the Vesper deposits that briefly moved to explore BDP came back once that opportunity ran its course. Vespernauts were inspired to welcome them back in their own special way.

More from Vesper’s “Meme Station Alpha” channel on Discord:

“And that’s the way it is,” as The Most Trusted Man in America™ said more than a few times. Again, be sure to follow us on Twitter, and join us on Telegram, Discord, and Reddit.



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