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Vesper “DeFi Middleware” in Action

The best part of DeFi is arguably its composability, or the ability to connect “CryptoLEGOs” together to create more effective and/or wholly new DeFi services.

While adding new capabilities to a DeFi project in this way is incredible enough, projects also inherit some less-obvious characteristics of these components when they incorporate them.

For example, with Vesper, DeFi protocols are not only able to potentially boost APY (a capability) but can do so using the most independently examined smart contracts in all of DeFi (a characteristic). In other words, these protocols are able to inherit some of Vesper’s massive investments in software quality and security — more than fifty audits and counting — all while making their projects do what they do better.

Vesper Pools as DeFi Middleware

For example, the use of yield-bearing assets such as Vesper Pool tokens (e.g., vWBTC and vLINK) is a powerful way to put platform TVL to work and pass additional earnings to users on top of what the protocol already sets out to do. However, developers need to have confidence that these integrations they support deliver long-term sustainable yield. And above all else, funds must stay SAFU.

In this regard, Vesper pools stand out as the perfect addition to any existing DeFi protocol. One Vesper pool makes use of any number of yield strategies, so projects just need to integrate the pool one time and be set into the future. Every strategy is audited and Vesper adheres to rigorous security practices.

In the same manner that users can rest easy with funds deposited in Vesper, protocols can similarly have a sense of confidence that a Vesper integration enables them to draft behind the most well-examined smart contracts in DeFi.

Vesper DeFi Integrations Today

Frax + Convex Finance

Vesper’s FRAX pool is supported in Frax Finance’s emissions gauge, which determines how and where FXS is distributed. This means that, per voting outcomes, some percentage of FXS emissions is delivered to Vesper FRAX depositors who stake their deposit into the gauge. Frax offers boosted emissions to users who lock up FXS and/or lock up their deposit into the gauge.

Convex supports this activity through their protocol, consolidating Vesper FRAX deposits through the Convex controller in order to apply their large FXS lockup to those depositors.

  1. Deposit FRAX to Vesper
  2. Stake your deposit and choose lockup time (1 day +) on Convex
  3. Earn three kinds of rewards: FRAX + FXS + VSP

Saddle Finance

Saddle Finance offers an innovative StableSwap AMM, offering users deep liquidity on like-asset exchange. By using Vesper Earn pool share tokens as a “wrapped” stablecoin, always tracking 1:1 with the underlying deposit, AMM pairs that use Vesper Earn offer users a reliable asset that is simultaneously earning yield through Vesper strategies.

Saddle’s recent Vesper pool gives users an opportunity to earn yield from Vesper deposits in addition to trading fees and token incentives. This translates to LPers that benefit from an underlying “floor yield”: they will always earn whatever Vesper produces and-then-some.

  1. Deposit FRAX to the proper Vesper Earn pool
  2. Deposit your Vesper Earn position to the proper Saddle pool
  3. Stake your Saddle LP in their farming gauge
  4. Earn four kinds of rewards: FRAX + FraxBP + SDL + VSP

Thor Financial

Thor Financial is a hybrid Nodes-as-a-Service and Device-as-a-Service project.

Thor recently integrated Vesper as a backend to their own yield pools on Avalanche. Users who Stake THOR can access the Vesper pools through Thor’s frontend and earn underlying APY from Vesper + additional THOR boost.

  1. Stake 50 THOR on their site to gain access to the pools
  2. Deposit bluechip assets like AVAX or USDC to earn yield
  3. Earn two kinds of rewards: AVAX/USDC + THOR boost

Arable + Curve

Arable Protocol is an Avalanche native synthetic farming protocol. Arable offers their synthetic stablecoin arUSD that can be minted against a number of assets, including Vesper’s AVAX and USDC.n pools.

Users who mint arUSD through Vesper positions earn yield passively in Arable’s governance token, ACRE on the mintage. They can additionally deposit in the stability pool or LP on Curve to earn even more rewards.

  1. Deposit AVAX or USDC.n to Vesper
  2. Deposit your Vesper position in Arable and mint arUSD
  3. LP your arUSD in Curve
  4. Stake that deposit in Arable
  5. Earn three kinds of rewards: AVAX/USDC + ACRE + trading fees

More to Come!

Vesper is committed to its role as the go-to “DeFi Middleware” integration for all projects. Through our partner revenue share framework and upcoming website referrals buildout, we envision a future where all projects can come to us for the most straightforward, secure, and most lucrative yield-bearing asset integration on the market.



Vesper is a platform for easy-to-use DeFi products.

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