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Vesper Earn: A New Way to Earn VSP

Starting today, you can deposit DAI and auto-accumulate yield in VSP

Today, we’re introducing a new way to passively earn Vesper’s native token, VSP. By depositing into Vesper’s DAI-to-VSP pool, users earn yield in VSP, the token that facilitates the Vesper ecosystem. VSP token-holders can acquire vVSP by depositing their tokens in the vVSP Vault to earn additional yield.

Benefits to holding VSP include:

  • Revenue Share: Fees associated with Vesper pools are used to buy back VSP. That VSP is distributed to token holders who deposit in the vVSP pool.
  • Voting Rights: vVSP tokens correspond to the voting weight in the Vesper ecosystem, which includes deployment of reserves and approval of new strategies.
  • Holistic View: Vesper is a single-token ecosystem, with every product (new and future) interfacing with VSP. VSP grants voting rights that span the entire Vesper umbrella and revenue generated by all products are used to buy back VSP off the open market.

The Vesper Earn DAI-to-VSP joins a number of other Earn pairs. The stablecoin-to-crypto pairs include:

To earn stablecoin from crypto, Vesper Earn offers:

Why We Earn

Vesper Earn enables token holders of supported pools to deposit-and-drip yield earned into other assets. Users holding stablecoins can take on a low-risk strategy that converts the stablecoin yield into the output of their choice. Crypto holders can deposit their non-stable assets to receive recurring income.

Read more about the Earn methodology in our recent article covering Vesper Earn in a bear market.

Ready to begin? Check out the pool and share your thoughts in Discord.



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