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Introducing Vesper Lend (Beta)

Vesper Lend enables creation of yield sources for emerging tokens, higher yield for existing users, and a new utility to token holders.

Vesper Lend (beta) is live as a Rari Fuse pool.

This is a lending platform governed by vVSP in the same way that vVSP holders govern other aspects of the Vesper system. Result: The Vesper ecosystem has a powerful new tool to build out new yield sources for existing tokens and emerging tokens not yet integrated into other DeFi platforms. As Vesper ultimately seeks to service all meaningful ERC20s, this is an important component for onboarding the next tranche of tokens.

Vesper Lend also reflects another sustainable yield source for Vesper’s pools. Vesper’s multi-strategy capability means that its Grow and (soon) Earn pools can target any number of yield sources at the same time, and Vesper Lend is another powerful addition to the strategy suite.

At launch, Vesper Lend supports Vesper assets — VSP and vVSP — as well as VUSD, ETH, WBTC, USDC, and DAI.

VSP and vVSP are already supported on protocols like CREAM, Ruler, and Unit, but each are accompanied with lower LTV ratios (25% or less) and assert higher lending fees. With Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios ranging from 60–75%, Holders of these assets can deposit their tokens as collateral, which can earn yield from borrowers and also enable them to take out loans from the pool for yield farming or trading.

Vesper is led by its community. Those interested in proposing tokens for whitelist and new strategies that utilize Vesper Lend are invited to do so on the community Discord on the way towards proposing a VIP.



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