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Vesper Joins DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) in August Update

VSP has been integrated into DeFi Pulse’s “DPI” market basket of top DeFi protocols.

DeFi Pulse today announced that the Vesper token will be included in its DPI index token upon the next rebalance in early September.

With DPI, the DeFi-curious can easily spread exposure across roughly 16 ERC-20 tokens representing a curated list of the top DeFi protocols. Each DPI is backed by a corresponding weight of each token, and the market basket rebases periodically to maintain those weights.

Vesper is a DeFi platform that offers a suite of yield optimizing products dedicated to making DeFi easier-to-use for institutions and individuals alike. The VSP token incentivizes participation, facilitates governance, and catalyzes user contribution. Users earn VSP through pool participation and involvement in Vesper’s continuous improvement.

DeFi Pulse is a leading go-to resource and community for the decentralized finance ecosystem. The flagship DeFi Pulse product is a leaderboard for top DeFi protocols, where Vesper is already included as one of the largest in the “Asset” category. The DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) is a market basket of top DeFi protocol tokens, allowing cryptocurrency users exposure to the DeFi category.



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