Vesper Launches Phase One of Global Ambassador Program

First group includes representatives from China, Japan, Turkey, Russia, and Vietnam

Vesper Finance
Jun 3 · 4 min read

Vesper Finance is committed to becoming a truly global DeFi platform for growing crypto assets. As part of that commitment, Vesper has launched the first wave of its Global Ambassador Program that will grow Vesper’s global reach in local communities.

Building A Global Community of Vespernauts

Our main goals of the program are to support global user growth in all DeFi markets, both established and emerging.

Ambassadors will also play a key role in evangelizing, maintaining, and evolving Vesper’s community relationships in key regions. They will also aid in translating and contextualizing documentation, content, social media and more to help bring in new Vespernauts.

Vesper has been diligently searching for the right type of candidates to help us realize this global vision. From a long list of potential candidates we have determined the below candidates to embody all of those characteristics important to the growth of the community and platform.

That said, this is only Phase I! There are still many qualified candidates who applied and many more regions we need to recruit from. If you’re interested, apply now for Phase II.

Introducing the Ambassadors

Cindy is an outspoken member of the Chinese cryptocurrency community. She often writes for blockchain media, educating users on how to get started with cryptocurrency. She loves how easy Vesper is to use and the simplicity of depositing into the pools.

Taisa first discovered Bitcoin in 2013. He has been an influencer in the Japanese cryptocurrency community since then. He has followed DeFi carefully and trusts that it will change the world. He has been a very outspoken advocate for Vesper since launch!

Onur studied blockchain and cryptocurrencies at the University of Michigan and also Duke University. He believes in the future of DeFi and that Vesper Finance will deliver professionalism that the space has not seen yet. He has been a consistent member of the community and can often be found in Discord. He is also responsible for some of the most fun videos the Vespernaut community has seen to-date:

Remy is the co-founder of Crypto Community Vietnam, one of the largest English speaking blockchain communities in the country! Remy looks forward to helping onboard talented Vietnamese developers to help contribute new features. He has been instrumental in organizing cryptocurrency efforts in Vietnam and neighboring countries.

Yahor originally began his career as web developer. One of his successfully completed projects offered to pay him in BTC. Since then it has been a deep dive into all things crypto! He is a passionate DeFi researcher and user, and an active follower of Vesper Finance since launch.

Absolutely! Vesper will continue to review applications from candidates that may be able to help grow internationally, if you feel like you may be a good fit, feel free to apply here.

In the meantime, welcome to the first global ambassador team!

Vesper Finance

Vesper is a platform for easy-to-use DeFi products.

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