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Vesper-on-BNB-Chain Enters Beta

Deposit assets, earn yield, and take advantage of the lightning-fast BNB smart chain.


During beta, the pools will invoke strategies that deposit to Venus and Stargate. Additionally, the engineering team has developed a powerful collection of strategies that are out for audit and will be ready for use over the coming weeks. These strategies include:

  • LP-and-stake on DotDot
  • Convert-to-aBNBc and Deposit-to-Wombat

Why Binance

Binance Chain has quietly built up a robust DeFi ecosystem to the tune of over $6 billion TVL. While robust, however, the ecosystem remains largely isolated — users of one application do not simultaneously tap into others as frequently as users do on Ethereum DeFi. This highlights a perfect recipe for Vesper: high TVL, promising APY, and a need to make it easy for all users to capture risk-adjusted DeFi yield.



Vesper is a platform for easy-to-use DeFi products.

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