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2 min readOct 3, 2023

A new retired app has been created to host several Vesper pools which have seen low demand


Following the passing of VIP-27, a new app has been developed to host all retired Vesper pools, aimed at increasing both the user interface and user experience.

This is because Vesper relies on yield revenue to cover gas fees for all pool operations. Therefore, any pools that fail to attract sufficient deposits end up costing more in gas fees than they generate, which ultimately affects the overall revenue model and reduces the amount of VSP bought back for vVSP/esVSP depositors. By retiring these underperforming pools, Vesper can optimize revenue without compromising the general user experience.

This transition will still enable users to withdraw funds from these pools, however, they will no longer generate yield and will not accept new deposits.

Retiring Pools

The following pools will be moved to the new retired app:


  • ETH — DAI
  • DAI — WBTC
  • LINK — DAI
  • DAI — DPI
  • DAI — LINK
  • DAI — ETH
  • USDC — LMR
  • DAI — PUNK
  • DAI — VSP
  • WBTC — DAI
  • DAI — SHIB
  • DAI — WBTC (Polygon)
  • DAI — WETH (Polygon)


  • Aggressive DPI
  • Aggressive APE
  • Aggressive MUSD
  • Aggressive ALUSD
  • Aggressive FEI
  • Conservative USDT
  • Conservative DAI


  • The vVSP pool will be tagged as ‘Retiring’ and upon completion of the transition from vVSP to Locked VSP, it will be relocated to the retired app.

How To Withdraw

In order to withdraw any funds you may still have in the pools, please follow the steps below:

  1. Head to the retired app and connect your wallet.
  2. Select “manage” on the pool you would like to withdraw from.
  3. Enter the amount and click “withdraw”.
  4. Confirm the transaction.

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