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Vesper Pool Updates: Zero-fee Transfers, New Earn Pool Logic, and Wrapper Support

Vesper is continuously identifying opportunities to improve the platform’s functionality and deliver greater value to users. Here’s a look at three recently introduced pool updates.

Goodbye, Transfer Fees!

Users can now move their deposits between the following pools with no withdrawal fee:

  • Conservative ETH Grow pool (vETH) to Aggressive ETH Grow pool (vaETH) (vETH ⇒ vaETH)
  • Conservative WBTC Grow pool (vWBTC) to Aggressive WBTC Grow pool (vaWBTC) (vWBTC ⇒ vaWBTC)

Included in a previously approved proposal, zero-fee pool transfers will expand to all like Grow pools in the near future.

More Flexibility on Network Assets

Users can now deposit and withdraw both native and wrapped tokens from Vesper’s ETH and MATIC pools. Previously, Vesper pools only supported the unwrapped variant of these assets.

This update also means that users looking to utilize wrapped tokens won’t pay additional transaction fees to unwrap and interact with Vesper pools.

New Pool Logic = Reduced Gas Fees

A recent update reduces gas costs by as much as 50% when interacting with Vesper Earn. This update is live on the ETH-to-DAI Earn pool and is slated to deploy to all Earn pools in the future.

The fee reduction is enabled by a change in how yield is realized on deposit and withdrawal. Swapping yield to the reward asset is a gas-intensive interaction that previously took place on every deposit and withdrawal; this latest update removes this complexity for standard interactions.

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