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Vespernaut Stories: Ken

In the world of Vesper Finance, you can’t spell “weekend” without the letters K, E, and N.

In today’s edition of Vespernaut Stories, we get to know the Vespernaut who keeps our community destinations humming on Saturdays and Sundays — Vespernaut Ken. After suffering “total DeFi exhaustion” in 2020, Ken shares his pride and passion as one of Vesper’s community leaders.

Tell us a little more about yourself. Where are you based? How do you make a living?

Born in Connecticut, raised in Atlanta and have lived and traveled all over the world. Currently Austin, Texas is home. (A town I highly recommend.) I’ve worked for international corporations and eight-person startups.

I got involved with cryptocurrency around 2012 when a friend introduced me to Bitcoin and I became more involved after the inception of Ethereum. The energy in the DeFi space is what excites me most; crypto is an ocean we create as we explore it. I make a living in various markets, but DeFi is the most fun.

How did you learn about Vesper?

Friends in the industry told me about Vesper after I suffered a total exhaustion with DeFi in 2020. Back then, there were constant races to the latest food-meme-dot-finance with 20,000% yield that would inevitably crash if you didn’t get out soon enough. I wanted no part of that, because of the obvious risks associated with those sites. So Vesper was a welcome change to the nascent industry. Good yield, known team, with an emphasis on security and professionalism — the correct answer to the crazy yield farms that were popping up.

What is your primary motivation for you to grow Vesper in your region?

Crypto and DeFi in particular need to offer resources to the non-professional, to people interested in the space but not dedicating 60 hours a week to working in the space and monitoring their assets. Explaining the basics of DeFi is difficult enough, but explaining how to navigate some of the more complex platforms to your average person is next to impossible — for me anyhow. The simple, clean UI of vesper, and the dead simple means of participating in DeFi make it a powerful option.

What are your biggest challenges for Vesper’s adoption in your region?

The first hurdle is simply accepting that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general is here to stay, and has value. Many still reject this basic premise, hard as it may be for some of us to accept. On top of that, we must explain the value of DeFi in general, and finally Vesper as a particular protocol operating in the DeFi space. I believe that the first hurdle is the most difficult to overcome, and after people understand the power and legitimacy of cryptocurrency, the move to DeFi and Vesper is simply a matter of exposure. Vesper just makes sense.

What are you and your region’s Vespernauts most looking forward to in terms of future Vesper projects (e.g., Earn, VUSD, more Grow pools, etc.)?

VUSD and it’s not even close. While predictions are rife in DeFi, the truth is no one knows how disruptive these technologies can be. We all know and have witnessed the potential of cryptocurrency, but the full power is likely yet to be seen. Currency may be the first iteration of a more broad technology. How will a stablecoin, completely independent of the protocol that created it, change things? What will it lead to? No one knows. A metaphor might be email:internet::cryptocurrency:crypto. NFTs’ first widespread use as digital art is another example, but the potential uses are seemingly limitless. As I said above, crypto is an ocean we create as we explore it, and this makes it incredibly exciting.

Do you have any advice for other Vespernauts who want to be ambassadors?

Vesper stands out as a professional and secure platform, so my first piece of advice is to network both IRL and online, to develop relationships, and establish a reputation as reliable and honest. A name takes a decade to build and a moment to destroy, as they say. Go to meetups, join Telegrams and Discords, participate in hackathons and twitter spaces. Get involved in any and every way, and not just with Vesper. Join Ethereum meetups, join other DeFi telegrams, create content on YouTube — do it all. Make a name for yourself as a good-faith participant. As an ambassador these relationships will be helpful in creating content and educating others about Vesper.

To sum up, be honest and be a fanatical learner.

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