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Vesper’s Core Principles

To achieve its category’s ambitions, DeFi must blend the professionalism that the broader financial ecosystem demands with the dynamism that built the DeFi category itself. We built Vesper because we believe that the proper balance of these two forces will advance DeFi and ultimately benefit the most people.

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To this end, Vesper holds the following as its core principles. These four principles not only serve to keep the project focused but also form the basis of how we measure its progress.


With a well-engineered platform, top-level team, and an incentivized community, Vesper is designed with long-term viability in mind.

Vesper achieves longevity through:

  • A sustainable model, enabling the ongoing development, expansion, and refinement of Vesper.
  • A modular approach to products, ensuring a truly set-and-forget experience where users can park their coin in Vesper for months or years and continue to realize consistent yield regardless of changes in market sentiment or viability of the immediate strategies.
  • Community incentives, building an ecosystem that rewards our community members for participating in our pools and that ensures compensation for developers who build winning strategies that our community loves.


Vesper launched into an environment where participants tested unproven projects with their own money. Where the issues weren’t ethical ones (e.g., “rug pulls”) they were technical — projects “tested in production” to the benefit of very, very few.

Vesper achieves quality through:

  • Thoroughly audited code, additionally supported by a formal software development process — for both Vesper-created and community-created pools.
  • Care in the protocols Vesper deploys, while more aggressive strategies may mean newer or less-tested protocols, it does not mean that we are cavalier in the choices that Vesper presents to its users.
  • A simple user experience, because a quality user experience demands simplicity and complexity introduces points of failure.


Through quality, Vesper builds trust in the ecosystem. Without trust — in the code, ecosystem, and the community Vesper hopes to create — the uncertainty of the today-nascent DeFi category is further compounded, hobbling the category’s growth and adoption.

Vesper achieves trust through:

  • A progressive path toward decentralized governance, ensuring that the founding team’s influence is limited only to what is absolutely necessary for Vesper to break drag-and-gravity in the project’s early days, transferring to community participants over time.
  • Known development team, who do not hide behind pseudonyms, with professional reputations and demonstrated contributions to the broader ecosystem.
  • A strong track record, having deployed the original DeFi asset — Metronome — in 2018, which still operates as designed years later and will continue to ad infinitum.


Through trust, we will build our community. This term is broadly defined as including all potential stakeholders in the Vesper ecosystem, from the professional to the hobbyist, the DeFi-curious and everyone in between.

Vesper achieves community through:

  • Well-defined channels for communication, where our communities know where to go for what kind of information
  • Adherence to this document’s principles, without which the project’s raison d’etre crumbles.

Over time, each of these concepts will be spun out into its own article for further depth.



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