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Vesper’s Launch: A Review

From the Top

Thanks to all of you — the “Vespernauts,” as you’ve named yourselves — this happened:

The Vesper team is incredibly proud of the story that the above chart tells. It communicates the truly humbling fact that so many of you trusted your funds to Vesper and the vision for DeFi that it presents. There are a lot of places to park your digital assets. Ethereum’s transaction fees as of the last few days make this choice a precious one. You chose Vesper. Thank you.

Even as dramatic as this chart is, it only tells a small part of the story.

A Launch by the Numbers

As of February 19, 12:00pm Eastern, the data say the following:

  • More than ~$240 million Total Value Locked, claiming the #20 spot on DeFi Pulse
  • Greater than $100 million in trading volume within the first 24 hours of launch.
  • Over $15 million in airdrops (paid in full) to beta participants
  • 21x price appreciation from initial price of $2.50
  • ~$25 million in liquidity across SushiSwap, 1inch, and Uniswap
  • Over 1,800 active depositors
  • vUSDC continues to lead in underlying APY. At current TVL, vUSDC collectively generates roughly $20,000 in yield daily
  • Biggest single deposit: $15 million (vETH), with the runner up at $9 million (vWBTC)
  • VSP buybacks: $10,000 per day to vVSP pool participants.

Community Highlights

It would not be fair to say that the creativity and thoughtfulness of the community surprised the Vesper team — the beta offered a period for everyone to get to know one another — but the team was still blown away by what quickly started to emerge.

First, it’s worth highlighting community work that started very early but was perhaps less-visible. This work was highly important for Vesper’s initial momentum — beta evaluations, bug reports, review of documentation, and more.

Then, of course, there were the Vesper community admins — Mikey, Michael, and Leonard — who helped create and foster safe, welcoming, and informative online environments on Discord, Telegram, and elsewhere.

As to some highlights that are much easier to share, let’s start with a helpful how-to video from Vespernaut “Phily”:

Next, “SimonC” delivered a Dune Analytics dashboard that comprehensively delivers the next level of detail on the Vesper pools.

Vespernaut: SimonC

Community admin Mikey took to TikTok, delivering this mobile how-to:

Finally, there were the memes. Oh, yes. The memes:

Vespernaut: vcarriere
Vespernaut: Achance91
Vespernaut: Ayyo

Media & More

Watch Vesper Co-founder Matthew Roszak discussion Vesper on CoinDesk TV the day after launch:

There’s a corresponding write-up as well:

“The innovation cycle in DeFi is happening in real time,” Roszak said. Most notably is the yield opportunities presented across the DeFi stack. While institutions haven’t yet plowed funds into “yield farms,” typically named after foods like Yams, Pickles or Sushi, there is a “macro need” for returns on capital. Right now that value is accruing to early adopters.

Over at Bitcoin.Com’s “Weekly Update,” host Corbin Fraser covers the project’s launch at the 4'57" mark:

And, over at Crypto Banter, Ran Neuner talks about Vesper and why he’s among the project’s strategic partners (47'26"):

You can also read about the launch in The Defiant and Crypto Briefing, as well as various corners of the Internet. DeFi Pulse has a very comprehensive analysis as well.

The launch is only one of the very first milestones necessary to achieve the project’s ambitions and those of the broad community Vesper now comprises. This community includes the DeFi protocol ecosystem Vesper now more fully joins, DeFi enthusiasts around the world, Vesper’s strategic partners, and the founding team itself.

Onward. #HODLbetter.



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