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Vesper’s Rari Proposal for VSP/vVSP Lending Platform Goes to Vote; First Aggressive Pool Enters Alpha

Also: UNI/USDT beta gets multi-strategy capability; Blockforce in Blockworks

Rari Capital Proposal and Vote

Vesper has proposed whitelisting the Vesper DAO as a Fuse Pool creator and manager on Rari Capital. If approved by the Rari community, this DAO-to-DAO proposal will allow Vesper to create a new FUSE pool which would be managed via Vesper Community Governance (vVSP token holders).

This proposal paves the way for Vesper to use Rari as its primary lending platform, giving access to borrowing and lending of the VSP and vVSP tokens. By collateralizing VSP/vVSP through Rari, Vesper would be able to create additional yield sources and potentially new pools, specifically geared towards the platform’s native tokens.

The full Rari proposal is available on the Rari forums, and voting is currently live.

Multi-Strategy Comes to UNI, USDT

With UNI and USDT pools now available on the VesperDev beta site, next steps include utilizing Multi-Strategy on each pool. Next week, UNI and USDT will both upgrade to Aave/Compound Multi-Strategy, delegating some percentage of assets to each market.

Multi-Strategy is scalable and versatile, any number of strategies can be encompassed with any range of percent allocations. Ideally, all pools inevitably reflect a Multi-Strategy approach that onboards every strategy, with underperforming and stale elements having their percent allocation spun down to zero in favor of the top performers at any given time.

Aggressive “vaDAI” Strategy enters Alpha

Vesper’s first aggressive pool, “vaDAI,” is in mainnet alpha testing. The pool is also Multi-Strategy, using Curve v2’s Tri pool and Yearn’s DAI vault. In this very early stage, this aggressive vaDAI is consistently earning double-digit APY.

With an aggressive DAI pool in place, aggressive alternatives to other pools can easily be deployed using Maker-Vesper: assets like ETH, WBTC, and LINK posted as collateral for DAI loans that route through the aggressive vaDAI pool.

Blockforce Capital Collaboration Covered in Blockworks

Regular readers of Vesper updates might remember when we shared the Blockforce team’s update on the Blockforce Vesper DeFi Growth Fund.

Now, people outside the Vespernaut community know all about it from Blockworks.

From the article:

Although some DeFi protocols didn’t fare well during the challenging last quarter, vanishing as their underlying assets experienced a rapid drop in value, Vesper and its Vespernauts — a name given to its token holders — are both still here. Ervin said this durability is one of the reasons why his firm picked the protocol to invest other people’s money in.

“It’s a protocol we feel comfortable working with. It’s got its belt and suspenders. There’s transparency in management, and the founding team has the ability to put their faces on something…their reputation is on the line,” Ervin said. “This was important to us instead of just working with some anonymous Twitter account.”

Odds & Ends

It’s been a minute since we’ve included this feature. Enjoy some creativity from the Vespernaut community.

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Credit: 0xHolland

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Vespernauts Michael and Green Jeff, contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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