AWS Lambda, please meet IOTA.

AWS Lambda and IOTA FTW!

Lewis Daly
May 16, 2018 · 4 min read


Why would we want to perform the PoW in AWS Lambda?

  • You want an easy way to provision basic resources for a service you’re writing, but want to be able to scale your resources super quick.
  • You’re using a public IOTA node that doesn’t support attachToTangle.

How do I get it working?

Three steps:

  1. yarn add iota-lambda-shim to your IOTA JS Project
  2. Add the following lines of code to shim your iota api:
const IotaLambdaShim = require('iota-lambda-shim');// Patch the current IOTA instance
IotaLambdaShim({iota, lambda, functionName});

How does it work?

Using black magic. Ok, well maybe not quite, but there’s a few cool tricks going on here.

Please, Just walk me through it!

Setting up and Deploying the Lambda

Ok! Let’s go from scratch.

$ docker --version
$ docker-compose --version
$ aws s3 ls
$ cat ~/.aws/credentials
aws_access_key_id = *****
aws_secret_access_key = *********
export AWS_PROFILE=vessels-lewis.daly
# build the docker container
$ ./ build
# run and log into the container
$ ./
$ ./
There it is!

Using the Lambda

In order to use the Lambda, we’re going to use a pretty similar approach to this. This is an example of ‘monkey patching’ the IOTA client for use with the PowBox — but it’s pretty close to what we’re trying to do.

$ yarn add iota-lambda-shim aws-sdk
module.exports = {
provider: '',
functionName: 'IotaProxy-dev-attHandler',


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