[Announcement] VESTELLA Whitepaper and Onepapaer Update

It is VESTELLA, a mobility data market platform that leads the future mobility.

VESTELLA has updated our new Whitepaper and Onepager!

VESTELLA Whitepaper

The new updated Version includes

  1. VESTELLA Blockchain (VES-Chain) updated
  2. Token Sale information updated
  3. General diagram updated

■ Whitepaper ver. (KOR): http://bit.ly/2TtDwII
■ Whitepaper ver. (ENG): http://bit.ly/2BkTw8R

VESTELLA Onepager Update

The Onepager contains the most important information for the VESTELLA project. You can explore the core aspects of the mobility data market that VESTELLA is looking forward to, and the roadmap for building a mobility data market platform, including the current problems and solutions.

■ Onepager (KOR): http://bit.ly/2AdpdiB
■ Onepager (ENG): http://bit.ly/2r2Lbkk

You can check this version via vestella.io. Please feel free to contact us via the community channel below. VESTELLA will do its best to share the updated content with you as the project progresses.



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