5 mobile apps that will help you deal with Christmas fever

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Christmas is a time of happiness. Christmas is a time of joy. Christmas is to be spent with your family. At least that’s how the popular media present the Christmas to us. For many, the truth is much darker.

We run around to finish all preparations; all the cooking, shopping, finding and buying gifts and sending Christmas cards. Surely, Christmas is a time of great stress.

But, do you know what we all have? Mobile phones. Thus, we may want to make use of them, right?


Do you happen to feel disorganized throughout the Christmas season? Did you forget to buy the present for your distant cousin that suddenly decided to drop in during these Christmas? Trello, one of the most well-known services for task management that’s available on virtually any platform and system, is your answer. Additionally, it’s for team management so you can track all things you and your family need to take care of before resting on Christmas holidays.


You can count the number of online stores that offer a good choice of Christmas presents in thousands or even tens of thousands. For example, this free and simple mobile app available on iOS and Android lets you search, buy and track your bids on eBay which is as you probably know one of the biggest marketplaces in the whole U.S. Also if you happen to use a smartwatch you can get some of the notifications that way.


Marketed as the biggest library of the cooking recipes from all over the world this internet cookbook is available for both Android and iOS devices. What you get is access to more than 350,000 recipes, snapshots of the food you like the most and possibility to create a shopping list basing on what you want to do. All this anywhere you are.

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Listonic is a smart shopping list app available for both Android and iOS. Its most outstanding feature is the mobility — you can share your list from one device to another, including desktop/laptop devices. They also understand you want to deal with your shopping list fast, thus, Listonic offers voice input, smart sorting, shows you the best deals on grocery products in your area as well as suggests the recurring items from the past lists like milk or bread when you build a new list. You can also share your shopping list with your friend or family member to finish your grocery shopping twice as fast.


Pinterest, a place for inspiration in cooking, style, home decor and other things, can help you find inspiration for your perfect Christmas home decorations, presents, and Christmas cards’ style. In Pinterest, you can save the interesting idea for later, all organized by topic. You can search for ideas through keywords or with your device camera. Finally, you can collaborate, share and discuss your ideas with friends and family. All this available for Android, iOS or in a web browser.

Do you have any apps that you personally you to deal with Christmas fever? Be sure to share your choices with us.


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