We need a climate debate

We know the other party won’t talk about it. Will Democrats?

The second round of Democratic presidential debates starts tonight, and we hope one issue will be center-stage: climate change.

In the first debate of the election season, forty percent of Democratic candidates cited climate change as our nation’s greatest threat. Yet the topic was hardly discussed, taking up just six percent of debate time.

The NBC moderators seemed poorly-prepared to discuss the issue, asking non-specific and sensationalist questions. Critics have suggested that candidates, too, were often eager to skate past the questions into more familiar territory.

Climate change is a difficult subject. Its science is complicated and nuanced, and its effects are long-term, abstract, and tempting to push aside. That it’s a tough topic is even more reason to bring it to the forefront.

If those who see the danger still avoid the issue, then we truly are in serious trouble.

Vestive strongly believes climate change warrants the focus of the our presidential candidates. Unfortunately, the DNC has refused demands to hold a climate-specific debate.

So what can we do to give climate change the spotlight it deserves? Two organizations, Sunrise Movement and 314 Action, are leading the charge for a climate change debate. We’ve added our names to these organizations’ petitions, and we encourage you to do so as well.

Climate change deserves our attention in the election process, and in all aspects of our lives — including our investments. Vestive doesn’t endorse any individual candidates, but we do support those fighting for the same issues that our portfolios are designed to address.


Invest for you and your world.

Vestive Staff

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Invest for you and your world.

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