Vetcove Newsletter | October 10, 2017

Jenny Rohde
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3 min readOct 10, 2017


We hope you had a wonderful weekend, and a great start to your week! We’re in the beginning of a new quarter, so be sure to keep an eye out for new manufacturer promotions on our Promotion Page! Below, you’ll find updates from the team, friendly reminders, industry news, and opportunities to learn more about Vetcove’s useful features.

Feature Spotlight: Categories

Just last week, we launched a new categories feature to help refine your searches on Vetcove! You can utilize categories (found on the left-hand side of your search page) to further filter your search results. This filter function is especially useful for broad searches, like “syringes”, that might return a big mix of results. You can also view categories in the Analytics tab, and see which types of products your clinic is spending money on.

Weekly Roundup News Highlights

  • The AAHA released an updated 2017 version of their Canine Vaccination Guidelines. You can find a review of the update by DVM360, here.
  • Equine obesity poses a serious threat to overweight horses, as it can often lead to serious conditions, such as laminitis or equine metabolic syndrome. Read the article here to learn how your practice can take the reins back with equine obesity.
  • Veterinarians at the UC Davis veterinary hospital are now conducting various oncology clinical trials on pets, in the hopes they might benefit not only the beloved family pet, but humans as well. You can learn more about these comparative medicine studies here.
  • The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is considering stricter animal welfare licensing that would require researchers to provide more proof that they comply with federal animal welfare laws in order to work with animals.

If you haven’t already, take a peek at our anonymous discussion forum to share your thoughts, questions, and suggestions! Here’s a sample of some recent topics:

You can find more posts with helpful information, insights, and the full version of this week’s Weekly Roundup on the Vetcove blog.

Webinar: Making the Most of Vetcove!

​Did you know you can create shopping lists on Vetcove? Learn how to do this and so much more during our webinar this Thursday, October 12th at 4:30pm EDT! We’ll show you how to navigate the Vetcove site like a pro, and how you can make the most of our essential inventory tools. So what are you waiting for? ​Register Now

If you can’t make the webinar, not to worry! We would be more than happy to set up a quick tutorial, at a time that best suits your schedule. If you’re interested, you can set up a time here, and a Vetcove team member will be in touch with you!

Vetcove Fall Referral Program

Keep sharing those referral links! From now until November 30th, each time you refer another veterinary organization to Vetcove and they sign up and become an active user, you and the person you refer will each receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card! You can find more details and locate your unique referral link by clicking the button below. Refer Vetcove!