Vetcove Newsletter | September 25, 2017

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We hope you had a great weekend, and a great summer! That’s right — it’s officially fall. Have your practice start the fall off right by making inventory and purchasing a priority this season. Our weekly roundup includes updates from the team, friendly reminders, industry news, and opportunities to learn more about Vetcove’s useful features.

Webinar: Making the Most of Vetcove!

If you didn’t make the last webinar, be sure not to miss the next one this Thursday, September 28th at 4:30pm EDT! Learn how to navigate the Vetcove site like a pro, and how you can make the most of our essential inventory tools. It is, of course, completely free to attend! Register here.

Can’t make the webinar? Find a time that suits your schedule, and book a quick online demo with a Vetcove team member!

Vetcove Fall Referral Program

​Don’t forget — from now until November 30th, each time you refer another veterinary organization to Vetcove and they sign up and become an active user, you and the person you refer will each receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card! To see all of the details and locate your unique referral link, click here.

Weekly Roundup News Highlights

  • A veterinary care center in Michigan is seeking dogs suffering from stage II splenic hemangiosarcoma to participate in a nationwide study, with the hopes of prolonging survival time through herbal medicine treatment.
  • Cats are great masters of disguise when it comes to hiding pain and disease. PrettyLitter is a neat new product hoping to help cat owners detect potential illness via changes in the cat’s urine.
  • Researchers in Germany are finding that oxytocin does not appear to cause cardiac changes in horses; this comes as a relief since a retained placenta often requires oxytocin injections. Learn more about the ongoing research here.
  • Emotional intelligence (EQ) is extremely important in the veterinary world, especially when speaking with clients. Learn how to use this skill to benefit your practice.

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You can find more posts with helpful information, insights, and the full version of this week’s Weekly Roundup on the Vetcove blog.

Feature Spotlight: Promotions

Don’t miss out on great manufacturer promotions! Check out the Vetcove Promotions Page the next time you log in. It includes every promotion across vendors, and makes it easier than ever to find and take advantage of promotions that save your practice money! Not only can you filter the promotions by offer type, species, supplier, and manufacturer, you can also sort the results by time left, start date, or popularity. You can even filter to only see promotions on products you’ve bought before.

Pro Vetcove Tip: a “Promos” icon will appear in an item’s search result listing if any supported distributor has the item on promotion. Be on the lookout for it, so you’ll never miss out on a great deal for a product you were looking to purchase!

If there’s any way we can assist you, start a live chat with us, or call us at 646.504.2696 anytime. Enjoy the rest of your week!

The Vetcove Team