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Your weekly source for manufacturer promotions, recalls, and industry news from Vetcove!

Vetcove Announcements

Vetcove Cash Back Deals

Be sure to complete your practice’s profile so that you may qualify for extra cash back on Vetcove. For more information on the cash back deals, be sure to check out these FAQs.

Industry News & Tidbits

  • Veterinary Care Logistics (https://vetlogic.co/) recently launched its inaugural Veterinary Inventory Pricing Reference Study. This study will help compile reference information that will be instrumental when determining a hospital’s own pricing strategy. Please consider participating here!
  • Elanco is looking to acquire Aratana Therapeutics in a deal that is to be finalized midyear. For more information, check out this dvm360 article.
  • Veterinarians at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine will be examining the potential misuse of the local anesthetic, bupivacaine, in racehorses. According to this article, The Racing Medication and Testing Consortium recently announced its funding for the project.

Vetcove Ambassador Spotlight

Meet Angie Werth, Director of Hospital Operations at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospitals, and one of our Cove Crew ambassadors. Angie has been using Vetcove since May of 2018.

  • Angie’s favorite Vetcove Tip: “I really like the order history. I view by the dates of the previous week to insure I have not forgotten to enter an invoice into our pms!”
  • Angies’s favorite veterinary life hack: “We use old IV lines to tie in endotracheal tubes.”
  • Why Angie loves working in the veterinary field: “I started in the practice over 21 years ago as a technician. My job has evolved into working as a hospital director. Most of my job now is behind the scenes work. I make sure everyone has the tools they need to do their jobs effectively. My passion is helping people and the animals they love.”

The Cove Crew is comprised of experienced Vetcove users that are experts in veterinary procurement. Our Cove Crew members are actively involved in the veterinary community, and serve as a resource for other veterinary professionals by sharing their accumulated knowledge in purchasing, inventory, and practice profitability. To view Angie’s profile, along with other Cove Crew ambassadors, head here!

Popular Promotions

As we near the start of May, be sure to check out these manufacturer and vendor promotions before they end:

  • Pill Wrap Oral Paste Buy 10 jars on a single invoice and get 2 jars for free. Expires 6/28/19.
  • Vectra & Vectra 3D Buy 3 cartons on a single invoice and get 1 carton for free. This offer is Mix & Match and the free product will be of equal or lesser value than the purchased product. This offer excludes the 36-dose vet packs. Expires 6/30/19.
  • Vetivex — Receive a 20% discount on Vetivex fluid therapy products. Expires 6/30/19.

Recent Product Recalls

  • Jurox Incorporated is voluntarily recalling two lots [#25955 and #27787]of Alfaxan Unpreserved, an Intravenous Injectable Anaesthetic due to the presence of aluminum phosphate precipitate. For more details, please check out this page.

Vetcove Discuss Threads

Help out your Vetcove community by offering your suggestions and opinions on the Discuss Page! Click on the topic title below to view the respective discuss thread:

If you are curious about any of the topics above, or having a burning question related to Vetcove and the veterinary industry, head to our Discuss Page and get chatting!