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Weekly Roundup 10.24.22

Your weekly source for manufacturer promotions, recalls, and industry news from Vetcove!

🐶 Vet Tech Week Overview😸

Last week we shared a bunch of content for Vet Tech Appreciation Week, in case you missed it, here’s the content that was posted. For the full posts head to our Facebook page here!

A Day In the Life…

BINGO — click on the link to view all three of the BINGO boards we created for you (small animal, large animal, and a blank template)!

Appreciate your Vet Techs — Just a friendly reminder to say “thank you” to your vet techs for all that they do, and not only this week! Vetcove appreciates each and every one of you and your dedication.❤️

1 Vet Tech Brewing — Being a Vet Tech is far from easy, especially because your job requires you to be so many professions and wear so many hats, all wrapped up under the title “Vet Tech”. We appreciate your constant adaptability and willingness to handle everything each day throws at you💪🏼

A Walk Down Memory Lane — Did you know that we have a handful of former vet techs working here at Vetcove? 🌟 Jess, Ksen, Steph, and Eden took a walk down memory lane for this piece and shared some stories from their in-clinic days!

Anatomy of a Vet Tech Vet techs are the ✨masters✨ of multi-tasking and doing what they have to in order to meet the needs of their patients, even if that means getting a love scratch or two along the way.

We’ve compiled a realistic vet tech anatomy diagram to shed light on what’s beneath the surface.

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