Weekly Roundup 12.26.17

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3 min readDec 26, 2017


Your weekly source for manufacturer promotions, recalls, and industry news from Vetcove.

Vetcove Announcements

MWI is in the process of switching users from the old version of their website (mwivet.com) to the new version (mwiah.com). If you’ve transitioned to the new website and would like to update your Vetcove account to reflect this, be sure to start a live chat with the Vetcove team the next time you sign in, and we can go ahead and set you up with the new version of MWI!


AuroMedics Pharma LLC is voluntarily recalling one lot of Pantoprazole Sodium Injection due to presence of glass particles in the vial. You can learn more about this recall here.

Popular Promotions

Be sure to check out the compiled list of active manufacturer promotions before the New Year! Here are some popular promotions that are ending soon:

  • Oratene Products — Buy 5 Oratene products and get 1 for free. This offer is Kind for Kind with a limit of 3 free items of any one product, per month, per clinic. Expires 12/28/17.
  • Avagard Hand Antiseptic — Buy 1 bottle of Avagard Instant Hand Antiseptic and get your choice of a wall bracket and foot pump, or a wall bracket and hand pump, for free. Expires 12/29/17.
  • Muricin and Gentacalm — Receive a 20% discount on these products. Expires 12/29/17.
  • Clinda Guard Drops — Buy 5 and get 1 for free. Expires 12/30/17.

Industry News

  • Two companies, Zomedica and Celsee, are working together to bring the cutting-edge technology of liquid biopsy to the veterinary world. Zomedica hopes to develop and market ZM-017 “a non-invasive diagnostic assay or blood test that helps veterinarians diagnose cancer in canines.” This technology has the potential to decrease the cost of diagnostic care for pet owners. Learn more here.
  • Indiana state officials approved more than $37 million for a new veterinary teaching hospital at Purdue University. Construction is planned to begin in September 2018 and is expected to be completed by May 2020.
  • The FDA’s Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) rules have been in place for a year, but the effects of these rules continue to be realized by producers nationwide. The VFD rules were intended to “generate collaboration between veterinarians and clients in developing better disease-prevention protocols to reduce the need for antibiotics.”
  • The Santa Barbara Zoo and its 500 residents (which range from gorillas to alligators) are preparing for evacuation as the flames of the Thomas Fire move closer. You can read more about the elaborate evacuation plans for the zoo’s various species on this page.

Discuss Spotlight

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