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Weekly Roundup 7.18.22

Your weekly source for manufacturer promotions, recalls, and industry news from Vetcove!

Cove Crew Spotlight

For this week’s Cove Crew spotlight, we wanted to shine the light on someone who’s been a member with us since all the way back in 2015!!!

Drum roll please🥁……. meet ✨ Siobhan Purser-Blackman ✨

Based in Woodbury, CT, Siobhan not only manages the inventory for a rather large (and busy!) emergency referral practice, but she also wears many other hats around the clinic such as being the Cubex/controlled drug head honcho and employee billing manager.

Siobhan’s favorite Vetcove Tip: “Make sure to check out the Discuss forum, there is so much great advice, tips and just camaraderie that will make you feel less alone!”

Siobhan’s Favorite Veterinary Life Hack: “ We store our red rubber catheters in PVC tubing that has been cut to the appropriate size. Makes storing them on a shelf so much neater!”

To learn more about Siobhan, check out her ambassador profile here!

Industry News & Tidbits

❗FDA Recall Announcement❗

Please be aware that Beg & Barker, Billo’s Best Friend, and Green Coast Pets has recently been recalled due to potential Salmonella contamination:

Vetcove Discuss Threads

Help out your Vetcove community by offering your suggestions and opinions on the Discuss Page! Click on the topic title below to view the respective discuss thread:

If you are curious about any of the topics above, or have a burning question related to Vetcove and the veterinary industry, head to our Discuss Page and get chatting!



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