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Weekly Roundup 8.15.22

Your weekly source for manufacturer promotions, recalls, and industry news from Vetcove!

Employee Spotlight

This week’s ✨Employee Spotlight✨ is on Emily, one of our Partner Account Managers!

Emily is a lifelong animal lover but her heart truly belongs to horses. When she’s not working, Emily typically finds herself spending as much time outdoors as possible, sometimes horseback riding, or rock climbing, or reading📚. She enjoys exploring new foods but her all time favorite cuisine is Indian food because of the wide variety it offers!

Her favorite Vetcove feature is our Etailer Comparison Tool🌟 (available through the AVMA free upgrade) because she really appreciates price transparency. To Emily, the best part about working at Vetcove are her colleagues due to their creativity and united mission to help veterinarians and the animals they serve🥰.

If Emily could say one thing to a hospital that doesn’t use Vetcove yet she would tell them that “using Vetcove will save you so much time so that you can spend more time treating your patients! And, you’ll get great deals while you’re at it. There is no reason not to use Vetcove; it will change your practice!!”

❗FDA Recall Announcement❗

Please be aware that the following Stormberg Foods Chicken Dog Treats have been recalled due to possible salmonella contamination:

Industry News & Tidbits

Vetcove Discuss Threads

Help out your Vetcove community by offering your suggestions and opinions on the Discuss Page! Click on the topic title below to view the respective discuss thread:

If you are curious about any of the topics above, or have a burning question related to Vetcove and the veterinary industry, head to our Discuss Page and get chatting!



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