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Popular Promotions

  • Boehringer Ingelheim Fall Rebates — Various rebates available for Boehringer Ingelheim products including Frontline, Heartgard and Nexgard. Expires 9/22/17.
  • VetBiotek Dermatology — Buy 5 promo cases of any VetBiotek Dermatology products, get 1 promo case of your choice free. This offer is mix and match. Expires 9/29/17.
  • Carprofen — Buy 4 bottles/vials and get 1 bottle/vial for free. This offer is mix and match, and the free item is the lowest value product purchased. Expires 9/29/17.
  • Otics, Flushes and Shampoo — Get a 30% discount on 32 oz and gallon sized bottles of otics, flushes and shampoo. Expires 9/29/17.
  • Medtronic Needles and Syringes — Buy 9 boxes of medtronic needles or syringes and get 1 box free. This offer is mix and match, and the free item is the lowest value product purchased. Expires 9/29/17.


  • Bella Pharmaceuticals has issued a voluntary recall of all lots of unexpired sterile drug products due to lack of sterility assurance. The affected products include all lots distributed April 17, 2017, to August 10, 2017. Read more here.
  • Hospira, Inc. is voluntarily recalling one lot of Hydromorphone HCl Injection and four lots of Levophed Norepinephrine Bitartrate Injection, due to possible lack of sterility. Learn more about the lots affected here.

Industry News

  • A team of veterinary and human medicine researchers and clinicians at UC Davis successfully treated a pair of English bulldog puppies born with spina bifida — a birth defect involving abnormal development of one or more vertebrae. Learn more about the research and surgical techniques here!
  • The Racing Medication and Testing Consortium board recently approved funding for two projects focused on the inhibition of illicit substance use in the horse racing industry. For more interesting information on the studies to be conducted, check out this article from The Horse.
  • Follow a case of Canine Insulinoma, as described on Clinician’s Brief, and learn which diagnostic discoveries were key in confirming the diagnosis for the patient.

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