All about me

Brittany Schultz

My name is Brittany Schultz, I am 28 years old and have served 4 years active duty army, before later discharging from the military.

Since returning home, I was granted a V.A disability rating of 30%, witch means on the first of each month I receive a check. I was able to obtain this because during my military time I fractured my L-1 thru L-5 and required monthly steroid injects in to my lower back. This caused not only great a deal of pain but major damage to my body. I am longer able to lift the weight I once was able to do or bend, stretch and move either in a way I had before. To this day I still suffer chronic back pain that radiates from my back to my hips and lower legs. This also puts more strain on my upper back trying to over compensate for the lower backs inability to carry the weight. Once I was out of the military I was then qualified for health care threw the V.A and allowed to see the doctors at those designated hospitals.


I wanted to be able to share my experiences with other people in hopes to be able to change the system and the way that it works for a majority of the veterans. I also wanted to be able to bring awareness to the issues that vet’s faces everyday when trying to receive healthcare. This blog is to call the system out on it’s crap and bring awareness to a broken system that needs our help and support to fix, for some of the most deserving people.


I also wanted to share other peoples views and their stories to allow you to grab a more comprehensive grasp on the current status of how the V.A. health care system works and the issues that are surrounding it. I think people are mislead on the information the media gives them and how our veterans are treated.

I want to also state that the purpose of this topic was not to necessarily cause harm or malicious to the V.A the state but to be able to point out the defects in the system in hopes to make a change in the overall care of the V.A and how they are currently running it.