How can you help the vet’s change the system

The question is posed after reading this blog a lot is how can I help? How can I make the change to the system? Unfortunately I was not able to find a lot of petition or websites to join, but you can help by calling or witting your local congress or senator and attending any open forum V.A meeting that towns have to help increase awareness. We can change the problems we have with the V.A and how they treat our vets. We can demand a better health care system for the people who have and are willing to sacrifice so much for American’s to have some of the little freedoms we do have.

The American Flag, a symbol of hope and freedom to most.

If you are even more interested in looking at the V.A health care a non for profit group called Concern Veterans Of America can help keep you up to date with news letters and changes that are occurring and even simple ways you can help make a change.

USA Today recently posted about the major changes that are already going to occur in the near future and how it would effect veterans today and even future vet’s. The proposed change would shift more towards using privatized providers and shutting down in acquit hospitals to allow for better health care coverage. This would also allow veterans to be able to see providers in the are they live without cost or a small co-pay. This is a major step in making for a quicker and more effective manner in the privatized health care section and I believe would make for better care to the vets. This would climate traveling and and the cost of traveling for a lot of veteran’s and even the headache for some who are unable to drive.

You can also attend local town hall meeting that are hosted by the V.A as well as attending your local V.F.W. hall to help encourage vets to get the help. You can even donate time by going offering to help a veteran with task at home, driving them to appointments, and even going to the V.A hospitals and sitting with veterans.

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