The scandals continue

When you go to a local hospital you think that you are going to receive the best healthcare from some of the best people doctors and staff they have. Some hospitals can provide great care and some are not always providing you with that type of care and reliable staff.

Rubert Burcher This video shows an elderly man being mistreated by the staff at his V.A hospital.

For example, a VA employee in Puerto Rico was reinstated with back pay last month after she was fired for because she was arrested for armed robbery. She pleaded guilty, but her union got her job back by arguing in a grievance that a VA manager at the facility is a registered sex offender and another VA hospital manager was once arrested for drunken driving and found in possession of pain pills.

In Alexandria, Louisiana, a VA nursing assistant is still on the payroll while awaiting trial on manslaughter charges in the death of a 70-year-old Air Force veteran in 2013. Hospital officials initially called the veteran’s death an accident, but a coroner determined the veteran died from blunt force trauma to the head.

Horror stories will continue once you start actually looking in to the treatment of veterans that are actually at the hospital. Some people can even get their personal medical records sent out to the wrong people. The following story is a hyperlinked story that tells you about a gentlemen who requested his medical records and some how got another veterans medical records.

As if the wait was not bad enough for most veterans, the overall treatment of veterans tend to lack importance as well. The treatment of veterans physically and mentally need to be a priority at any local hospital and should require the up most attention especially when you see an elderly man just laying on the floor. They have even created a website where veterans and the families alike can share the horror stories they have experience with each other.

image posted by S.O.F.R.E.P. by Desiree Huitt, This pictures shows that even an elderly man laying on the ground can not receive proper health care.

The above picture is one of a veteran at his hospital who has waited so long and was in so much pain he was forced to take a seat on the ground and lay down in order to relieve his pain. He used his bag of medication as a pillow even, the hospital staff began to yell at him he needed to get up but he couldn’t and even asked for a blanket. He sat hours in pain and was denied a reclining chair to help reduce the pain. This main is just another example of how the hospital wait can sometimes be just as dangerous.

ABC world news story on vets who have waited to long.

The above video showcases the men, and women’s stories who have passed away from not being able to see a doctor. It shows the families stories and emotional triumph. It also shares the stories of doctors who have lost jobs and have worked in the hospitals and how they feel about the system. So many doctors are fired for trying to make a change to the current status of the V.A and how it works. The loss of these great doctor and what they are trying to stand for is devastating because they care for the patients and not just the pay check.

The scandals are relating to the fact that the V.A and the state department are constantly trying to cover up the fact that they hospitals are constantly covering up stories ranging from lack of actual care, to wait time for appointments, and even the lack of respect for the veterans. The above stories are to showcase the bad cases that the V.A is constantly trying to cover up or hide in the media stating that it’s not true, and or apologizing for the incidents. It’s important that the stories above and stories a like receive the media coverage they deserve because it really show cases the fact the the V.A hospitals and clinics are broken and the systems are broken and it needs help.

RT America reported August 25, 2016 one veteran was turned away after being denied urgent care at his local V.A hospital later committed suicide outside the V.A hospital. The patient was struggling with mental health issue and the hospital says the emergency room clinic is not equipped to handle mental health issues. Another representative said he should not have been turned away, but referred to the V.A clinic and it’s mental health services. So many cases like this year go on where a vet is being denied an actual care and pushed from doctor to doctor.

FOX 13 news Tampa covered a story in November 2015 with a former schedule of the V.A hospital who was told to do almost the complete opposite of what the federal guide line said. He later went on to say he quite because he did not want to be responsible for the death of any patients because they were waiting to long for an appointment. This continue to happen in major cities more often due to the influx of patients and the lack of hospital staff.

The only way this issue is gonna be fixed is if the state department, and the congress hear our voices in order to make the changes. We have to let them know this is not okay, and we will not stand for the people are willing to save our lives in combat should not come home to be treated with such disrespect. We need to continue to share these media stories and the names of the people and families that are effected by stories like this. Veterans have held their end of the bargain and contract it is now time for the government to do theirs.