The sunny side up side

Not all veterans have a problem with healthcare, the main issues are usually focused on bigger inner city hospitals and clinics, since they tend to the bigger number of patients with under staff problem to be able to perform these daily task. So veterans do have good experiences and some even have no problem with the hospital, doctors, or scheduling and report that they have received excellent medical care. So no not all experiences are bad but the few stories that the media post that are good are put up on pedestals and made to be examples and pushed threw the media so that they over shadow the bad stories. The issue with this is that the bad stories far out weigh the good one and tend to have more bad stories and experiences then good.

A happy veteran with his nursing staff

In my interviews I was able to speak to a veteran who has had great experiences with the V.A and the staff that manage the hospitals. Jennifer thrasher reports and speaks highly of her experiences with enrolling and attending her appointments with minimal problems.

The V.A can sometimes be a place of help and compassion when given the right staff and the right care, no it is not something that always happens but it can and the possibilities are endless. This happens when we start treating people as humans and not just product that needs to be pushed threw a line to get to next shipment or when your just trying to make it threw the day so you can go home. So some vets do have good stories and some vets are able to make it threw enrollment and the first initial visit without issue and are able to find someone who can help navigate them threw things that are not always to easy to navigate.

The V.A is even starting to offer more programs and medical assistant then they previous done.

They are now offering the following programs:

  • They are offering new women’s program to help the health of women
  • They are also now offering more health care for the families as well to help the spouses and children.
  • They are making May mental health awareness month — to help in courage veterans to seek the help they need.
  • They have a move clinic to help overweight veterans witch is online based
  • Some major clinics now have women’s clinics that are focused on the health of women
  • V.A have encouraged the VADIP program for dental witch has a lower monthly payment and lower co-payment.

These programs are there to help not only the veterans but the families as well, and to encourage vet’s to get the help they need and to also assist the families with the on going medical problems. So the V.A is not all bad, it has more management issue then is does actual problems. I think if we spent more time really watching how things are ran and give doctors and nurses the time need to see a patient we could make a change.