Transitioning Vets Into Tech Opps

It’s quite disheartening to witness so many of our talented transitioning military service members experience unemployment and/or under-employment. Especially when considering the plethora of corporate marketing campaigns that claim to “support our troops” and swear to “hire our heroes” (not an attack on those particular organizations — instead, it’s a jab at the companies that have latched on to such great initiatives for their own selfish gain).

Although the veteran unemployment rate is at its lowest in nearly eight years, according to, there are still far too many honorable men and women without work. Also, many of those who do now have jobs are not getting paid enough to match their expertise, education, or level of responsibility, let alone to keep up with the rising cost of living. In addition, there remains a significant amount of job vacancies within the technology sector that most well-meaning organizations are not offering solutions for helping fill.

That’s where we, #VetsWhoCode, are barging in.

#VetsWhoCode is a “doing business as” of FRAGO, a 501(c)3 organization that takes early stage transitioning military veterans (those less than five years removed from their active service) and develops them into highly skilled software programmers/coders, at zero cost to the veteran. Right now we are conducting classes 100% online, so that participants can learn from anywhere. Our primary staff instructor has over 15 years of experience in the software engineering field. Our graduates can choose the route of tech entrepreneurship, or get straight to work as an employee at an agency or corporation. No matter which path they choose, our troops start profiting from their new skills practically on day one of course completion.

Our mission is to fill the wide chasm of technical talent in the software industry with a diverse pool of well-trained, pragmatic, profoundly proficient military veterans, along with any of their spouses who wish to take our course. We have, and continue to build, strong relationships with relevant companies in major cities across the country that truly support veterans, and comprehend the challenging process of transition. They are all willing to interview our graduates and prioritize hiring from the pool of talent we offer them.

We want transitioning veterans to exit our program making an immediate economic impact, for their employers (or investors), and especially for themselves and their family. #VetsWhoCode is not satisfied with landing just any kind of job for our nation’s honorable men and women of the armed forces — we offer a sturdy bridge to somewhere, be it full-time employment, flexible freelancing, or game-changing entrepreneurship.

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