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Hello! Today we’re starting a blog for Vexor.io, the cloud CI service with unlimited resources and pay-per-minute billing model.

Here’s where you’ll find the latest news about Vexor, technical challenges we faced and their solutions. Also you’ll find interviews with customers where you’d find a lot of interesting and useful stories.

Our history:

Vexor.io was launched in 2011 by Evrone. Evrone.com is a web-development company. We’ve built many projects so the necessity of a testing tool like Vexor came after we tried a wide range of self-hosted CI services and cloud CI solutions. We created Vexor to solve our problems and found people who share our needs.


  1. Vexor can run unlimited number of parallel builds because it works in the cloud. When a lot of commits are pushed in a short time you won’t have to wait in the queue. Tests are executed in parallel in each build. This way we make your testing faster.
    One of our customers had 6100 tests run on the local machine for 70 minutes. Vexor allowed to parallelize those tests in 6 threads so now they take 12 minutes. Even if the developers of that customer make 10 pushes in a row on Friday afternoon we run builds and tests in parallel and no one would have to wait.
  2. You pay for the minutes of testing: $ 0.015 per minute.
    Average bill for 300 tests taking from 3 to 5 minutes would be $10 a month. It’s cheaper than paying a regular plan, especially for small to medium-sized projects. For you to try Vexor we offer free first 100 minutes of tests per month.
    Our customers aren’t afraid to make tests parallelized with Vexor because they shouldn’t pay for idle servers.

If you didn’t ever use Vexor, it’s good time to start. :)

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