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Thread one. Posted by Juve 1000, location unknown.

I grew up using the old webs and I’ve been living web-free for several years after the Old web was disconnected in my district. Last month, my kids installed the New web at my house and we ran through it together once. I still don’t get how it works tho (Look up slang).The screen shows one thing and I hear a different thing!!! Is this supposed to happen? How do I keep the sound in sync with the screen? How am I supposed to read the screen?

Response posted by Christine P. Gant, located Marlborough Massachusetts, USA.

If your screens shows something different than what you are hearing, you’ve successfully connected the two sioses (Old web def. systems) for the New web. You might need some time adjusting to the new information flow, which is very different from the Old web. In a pea pocket (look up slang), what you need to do is read what’s moving on the screen and simultaneously listen to what the speaker is reading to you. In fact, you don’t even need to try hard. The point is that you relax, empty your mind and unknowingly absorb the information. Try out some of the test medias (example links) with your kids and see how they read the web. It’s easier if you read with another person in the beginning. Like how parents guided me to read the New web when I was young. Think of yourself as a brand new sioses and you need to script it from the beginning. To reply to your last questions, The screen and the sound are supposed to be out of sync. Just let your mind absorb the web and you should be fine

Response posted by Juve 1000, location unknown.

Thanks Christine, good to know that the two sioses are successfully connected. I’m still not used to the New web jargon (new web def. languange), I’m guessing the screen is a sios and the speaker another sios. It sounds like I need to turn my brain off and watch, listen to the sioses. When we watch tv, we used to say it turns our brains off so, I’ll approaching the New web the same way hahahaa!. I have been watching and listening but, the inconsistency between the two media is just confusing. And one thing is too fast and another too slow!! Do young people get this all at once or do they also need to read, hear it multiple times? As for getting my kids to teach me, We’re not openly discussing each other’s tech lives much. I don’t think I can get them to come in an read through together.

Response posted by Christine P. Gant, located Marlborough Massachusetts, USA.

For the New web, I wouldn’t say it’s turning your brain off. but, more like letting it do the job without you minding it. It’s different from tv as it produces sounds less relative to what you’re seeing than how the tv does it. And don’t think of your kids as having to teach you, they will simply be your guide. If you can’t find a person near by, there are great S.B.S. (step by step) video media (links)that can guide you

Response posted by Juve 1000, location unknown.

I checked out one of the videos (links) in the tag but, the site is in the New web format. I still can’t navigate through it. Is there an Old web version of the site that I can find on the New web?

Response posted by Matt from Kahn Academy located in Mountain view, USA. This author was Automatically referred by the video linked to the previous post

We’re currently working on creating an Old web version archives in the New web. You might find some useful media here. (links)

Response posted by Christine P. Gant, located Marlborough Massachusetts, USA.

If you want to learn the New web, you need to use it. It’s not a study that you can learn from reading other sources, it’s an experience that you acquire through using it.

Response posted by Simon Park, located Pulau Ujong, Singapore

That’s an IGN (ignorant comment) tsk, tsk, tsk. Everyone has different ways of learning. Especially for people with old web backgrounds, referencing back to what they know might be easier. When I was learning the old web, the way I understood it was in reference to the New web. Not everyone learns by just jumping right into the problem.

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Response posted by Matt from Kahn Academy located in Mountain view, USA.

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