Micro futures observation: skip!

Is our generation incapable of sitting through a full 3 minute song? How often do you find some one skipping to the next song especially when it’s more than half way through? And did it ever annoy you? If you find it annoying, does that mean that you won’t do it? I find it annoying but I cannot deny that I do it all the time too. It’s more like if I don’t skip a single song, it probably means that my mind has checked out and I’m actually not paying attention to the music anymore.

Businesses make profit from this tendency. In streaming services, to skip as many times as you want, you need to upgrade to paid memberships.

I guess with LPs and tapes, it was harder to skip songs or fast forward quickly. Did the easy navigation that our current technology provides make people prone to impatience? Or is it the nature of our songs changing? Did music like hip hop, looping the same sound for 3 minutes, naturally make the listening experience somehow less stimulating?